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Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2
by Timothy Hyde


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2 by Timothy Hyde

The Magazine Memory effect is a highly entertaining, high energy, astounding feat of mental prowess that audiences love. It has been a feature effect for many high profile performers, yet little has been written about the effect until now.

Timothy Hyde has used the routine to close his show for many years. Performing on luxury cruise ships, corporate events and at theatre shows around the world he has explored the routine in great depth.

In the classic form of the effect, pages from a current issue magazine or newspaper are distributed into the audience. Audience members randomly call out page numbers and concentrate on the contents of the page. The performer is able to recall exactly what is on each page, often in astonishing detail and often then describes the exact item the person has chosen to focus on.

In this, the second volume of the acclaimed Secret Notebooks of Mr Hyde series, we explore the routine in great detail. It's a comprehensive toolkit that explores different themes, different methodologies, different revelations and a whole lot more. It includes an important discussion on how to finish the routine and Timothy's bonus, a simple yet powerful strategy that will do wonders for your prestige and reputation as a wonder worker.

Note - You do not need to have a super memory to perform this effect. In fact once you have mastered The Hype, The Rip and The Jazz, even with just a handful of pages mastered you will have a great routine that involves plenty of people. Once you've seen the reaction the routine gets, I predict you'll be working on it some more and exploring the endless possibilities.

If you don't already know a memory system, Timothy takes you step by step through several different ones and provides a resource list of both print and websites for further study. Timothy has taught Memory Techniques at university level and has simplified and honed his approach to get you quickly performing the effect. Not only will these techniques be useful for this effect, but you will be able to use them for other effects such as - day for any date, Knight's Tour etc. In fact, Timothy strongly believes, successfully tackling this effect will give you a confidence that will shine through your entire performance!

And if you do know a memory system already, I'm sure you'll find a few new ideas and techniques in that section that will add to your own skills. Timothy shares his technique for quickly forming vivid memory pictures and his technique to expand a simple 1 - 20 peg list to a 1 - 100 or 1 - 300 list with very little effort at all.

This really is a feature routine and has made the reputation of many performers.

"What a wonderful book. Timothy has provided a comprehensive look at the Magazine Memory effect. I have read no other text on this that gives this much color, detail and insight into the methodology and the performance of this classic mentalism effect that only comes from careful examination and extensive performance. In fact, Timothy describes his own memory nuances that will improve your memory work at least 10% (if not better). Mr. Hyde gives several options, so you can decide which best works for you. In fact, he offers some suggestions on expanding some methods you may already know, great ways to practice and a number of wonderful ways to utilize this in your own performance.

Not only do I highly recommend this for those who perform this routine, but more importantly, if you have the slightest inclination that you might want to, then read this and you will. Timothy rightly positions this skill with the powerful psychological tools of the mentalist like muscle reading and suggestion. Timothy is giving away REAL POWERS. Use wisely." - Sean Waters

"Mr. Hyde does not hide any of the work needed here. He tells you up front that you are going to have to put in the time to master this, but once you do you'll have a gem in your act. Along with the nuts & bolts on what you'll need to do this, Mr Hyde gives you a number of ways to present it and some really nice touches. This is a powerful piece that can close just about any act and Mr. Hyde gives you all the right tools. A very useful book to anyone that is considering adding a touch of memory in their arsenal." - Greg Arce, California

1st edition 2009, 50 pages.
word count: 13656 which is equivalent to 54 standard pages of text

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