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Secret Notebook of Mr. Hyde vol. 1
by Timothy Hyde


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Secret Notebook of Mr. Hyde vol. 1 by Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde was invited to join the famed Psychic Entertainers Association in 1990 where he quickly became known as "Australia's Magician of the Mind". His "real world" mentalism routines have been honed over years of performance and some of this material has only appeared before in Vibrations the journal of the PEA. It will be of particular interest to Stand Up and Corporate performers. The material requires a certain skill level and knowledge of the basics of mentalism.

Some comments by working professionals:

"I'm extremely jealous, really top notch material. The book is excellent as is the thinking behind it. The Pig Test cracks me up. If I had any memory left I'd be sure to include it in my repertoire. " - Larry Becker

"A great little collection of tips, routines and ideas from one of Australia's top workers!" - Ted Karmilovich

"This is certainly a wonderful compilation of entertaining usable material for anyone. I enjoyed it." - Banachek

"I read your book when it first came here and have read it again lately. I think it is a wonderful book filled with a lot of practical and well thought out ideas! The fact that you actually perform these is evident from the descriptions and the clear thinking. It reminds me of some of Ormond McGill's or Tommy and Liz Tucker's books where they give out very practical material from a working professional's standpoint. The fact that you have some "gag" items in there is something I love. Many performers don't really understand what it takes to make up a successful show. Your book shows them what is involved!" - Richard Osterlind

  1. Ziplock Psychometry
  2. The Pig Test
  3. Baby Gag Plus
  4. Musical Telepathy
  5. 7 Days - 1 Ending
  6. Betty Mary Cole - Some thoughts on my Mother
  7. Psychic Heckler Stopper
  8. Whack Pack
  9. Promotional Items

word count: 12876 which is equivalent to 51 standard pages of text