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Magic and Stage Craft
by Guy Jarrett


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Magic and Stage Craft by Guy Jarrett

This is one of the most important books on stage illusions. Many experts consider it among the best 10 illusion books ever published - some even have it in their top three. Besides describing a list of startling illusions Guy Jarrett mixes in stories about show business and there in particular his opinion about some of the big names in magic. Particular Howard Thurston receives a lashing from Jarrett. This book has a refreshing honesty and directness that is missing from most other magic books. Jarrett even describes a few card effects and other parlor tricks he has performed.

Unfortunately the book has also a couple of real problems which were to a good degree caused by Guy Jarrett typesetting, printing and binding it all by himself. His spelling is sometimes quite 'adventurous'. He uses unusual abbreviations and the sequence of illustrations has very little to do with where they are referenced in the book.

To improve on the readability and correct these formatting deficiencies we have fixed some of the most disturbing spelling errors and we have reordered the illustrations to make them appear where, or close to where, they are referred to. This ebook is also formatted for convenient viewing and reading on mobile devices.

1st edition 1936, 1st digital edition 2013, 172 pages

Table of Contents

  1. I Say
  2. Twenty-one People Cabinet Production
  3. - Presentation on a clear stage
  4. - The explanation
  5. Sawing A Woman In Two
  6. My Sawing
  7. Sawing An Egg
  8. The Bangkok Bungalow
  9. Easel - Pedestal, in the G. V. Follies
  10. The Charlatan
  11. Zeno
  12. Easel and Star Trap
  13. Bottle Box
  14. Flower Cone
  15. Curtained Cabinet Without A Base
  16. Creo
  17. Buried Alive
  18. Floating Table
  19. Thru A Jail Window
  20. Walk Out Of A Rope Tie
  21. Plank And Chains
  22. Water Barrel Escape
  23. Grandfather's Mirror Illusion
  24. Sack And Bolt Escape
  25. A Camel Back Trunk
  26. Coat, Hat And Sphinx Table
  27. Fefi, Streets of Paris Chicago Fair
  28. Tenagra - Little Venus on the Half-shell
  29. Shuttle Table For Pigeons
  30. Otto Hornman's Own Ring Move
  31. Catching A Live Pigeon In The Air
  32. A Free Walking Figure
  33. Sheet Metal Box
  34. Vanishing Polly Cage
  35. Water Tank Escape
  36. Girl, Boy And Sack
  37. Whirling Tire
  38. Coat Tie
  39. Magic In The Chicago Fair
  40. Life Show
  41. The Micro Show
  42. Telling Time
  43. Matches And Steel Bar
  44. Dilger's Candle Stick
  45. Ghost Show
  46. Lambs Blood
  47. The Nightingale And The Rose
  48. Thurston's Patented Steamship
  49. Spear And Arrow In Crane Wilbur Drama
  50. Spirit Paintings
  51. Frozen In A Cake Of Ice
  52. David Devant
  53. Dracula
  54. Kellar Show To Thurston
  55. Ching Ling Foo
  56. Women Magi
  57. The Old Pipe Trick
  58. Cigarette Vanish
  59. Coin Vanish
  60. Coin Feke
  61. Illusions From World Renowned Inventors
  62. Improved Old Illusions
  63. Girl Without A Middle
  64. Up Side Down
  65. Substitution Trunk
  66. Belasco's Mimi
  67. Sample Spectator Of A Magic Show
  68. Moving Pictures With Perspective
  69. Vanishing Auto
  70. Vanishing Elephants
  71. The Kid Show Attractions
  72. - Hole in the tongue
  73. - Martha
  74. - Lentini
  75. - Jean
  76. - Half man and half woman
  77. - Chastity Belt
  78. Revolving Cabinet
  79. Bewitched
  80. Boaconstrictor
  81. Strippers
  82. Instantaneous
  83. "Knock 'em dead."
  84. A positive mind read
  85. The Fall Of Show Business
  86. Fish Bowl Table
  87. Levitation
  88. Puzzles
  89. Magic Show
  90. Not how books are usually published

word count: 47065 which is equivalent to 188 standard pages of text