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Guy Jarrett

Guy Jarrett

(Belmont County, Ohio, USA: 23 [or 15] September 1881 - 20 May 1972)

Left home in teens to join a travelling carnival where, working as a pitchman, he was inspired by seeing the sideshow illusions there and catching the shows of the Herrmanns and Kellar. Pro illusion designer since 1907 when he made his first illusions for a West Coast tent-show. Moved East with T. Nelson Downs in 1908. Assistant and illusion builder for Howard Thurston 1910-11 and stage manager for Dunninger (1925).

Invented Bangkok Bungalow (1908), Jarrett Pedestal (1908), etc. Contentious memoir is Magic and Stagecraft (1936). Trick in Sphinx. See also Jim Steinmeyer (ed), Jarrett (1981, 185pp), which is an intelligently annotated reprint of the previous book.

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Guy Jarrett
Magic and Stage Craft by Guy Jarrett

This is one of the most important books on stage illusions. Many experts consider it among the best 10 illusion books ever published - some even have it in their top three. Besides describing a list of startling illusions Guy Jarrett mixes in stories about show business and there in particular his opinion about some of the big names in magic. Particular Howard Thurston receives a lashing from Jarrett. This book has a refreshing honesty and directness that is missing from most other magic books. Jarrett even describes a few card effects and other parlor tricks he has performed.


★★★★ $19.50
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