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Magic of the Mind
by Eddie Joseph

#1 Coins, Chips & Buttons author
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Magic of the Mind by Eddie Joseph

What was a $5 bargain in 1952 is a bigger bargain today. This valuable product should cost $59 when adjusted for inflation and we are selling it for only $12.

Excerpt from the foreword:

Just because one has acquired extreme dexterity in the manipulation department it does not stand to reason that MAGIC OF THE MIND can be easily presented as a bunch of tricks. The Magician appears in the role of a MENTALIST when doing MAGIC OF THE MIND. He is supposed to be working with his MIND and not his HANDS. Any attempt at speed or undue display of manual dexterity will ruin the whole thing. One should remember to keep it that way.

  • The Author's Foreword
  • Mental Image
  • Two Men And A Slate
  • Automatic Writing
  • Will Command
  • Planetary Influence
  • The Three Objects
  • The Spirit Suplicates His Own Name
  • Automatic Reading
  • My Choice
  • The Wimco Mystery
  • Birth, Nativity, And Ambition
  • My Billet Switch
  • The 'Eejay' Mind Reading Act
  • The Mystic Glow
  • A New Living And Dead Test
  • Sorting Sex
  • From The Other World

1st edition 1952, 52 pages; PDF 50 pages.
word count: 22921 which is equivalent to 91 standard pages of text