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Magic That Is Magic
by Loring Campbell


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Magic That Is Magic by Loring Campbell

From the Author's Note:

I do not claim everything in the pages following to be original, but I do say that every trick and routine in this book has been used and tried by me and that everything here is audience tested and will go over with an audience. Perhaps the thousands of Magicians all over North America who have seen my shows in the past 22 years will recall having seen me perform many of these effects.

This is not a book of card tricks or close-up pocket effects, but a collection of tricks and routines for the performing Magician who gives shows and entertains audiences. I believe that the material presented here is even better than that in “This Is Magic”. I hope that the reader will agree with me as my main reason for writing is to please you.

  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Stage Setting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Magic and Radio Combined
  • The Miser’s Dream
  • A Spirit Picture
  • Water On The Brain
  • Magical Marksmanship
  • An Easy Thumb Tic
  • Passe Passe Confetti Cups
  • A Comedy Slate Routine
  • My Popcorn Routine
  • One-Man Nest Of Boxes
  • The Lemon and Bill Routine
  • Borrowed Coin in Locked Boxes
  • A Silk and Water Routine
  • The Surpriso Card Trick
  • Vanishing Cigarette Holder
  • Production Box and Devil of a Hat Routine
  • The Stamp Album
  • Silk Production from Boy's Coat
  • The Magic Soda Fountain
  • How To Force a Color
  • My 20th-Century Silk Routine
  • The Eggs From a Hat
  • The Production Egg Bag
  • A Jumbo Svengali Deck Routine
  • The Card in Balloon
  • Some Ideas
    • Rice, Orange and Bottle
    • Lota Bowl
    • The Card Spider
    • Sympathetic Silks
    • The Loring Checker Cabinet
    • The Devil’s Sticks (Pillars of Satan)
    • The Candle Tube
    • Rice Bowls
    • Abbott’s Pop-Up Cigar Trick
    • The Bonus Genius
  • Ventriloquism
    • Near Ventriloquism
    • A Dialogue
    • Some Special Effects With the Dummy
    • Distant Ventriloquism

1st edition 1946, 76 pages; PDF 48 pages.
word count: 20023 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text


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