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This Is Magic
by Loring Campbell

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This Is Magic by Loring Campbell

Nicely illustrated routines of a full-time performer.

From the introduction:

"Why don’t you write a book on Magic?" I have been asked this question hundreds of times in the past several years, and my answer has been that I am too busy, or that I wanted to be the only Magician who did not write a Magic Book!

However, I have taken the time from my hundreds of shows en route each season to conduct a monthly column in TOPS Magazine and to write many articles and tricks for the Sphinx, Genii and Linking Ring. So when I was requested to compile all the tricks I had formerly written for these magazines into one book, with the addition of several more good practical tricks that had never been in print before, I decided that it was a good idea.

  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Card-in-Egg Routine
  • Comedy Block Trick
  • Cut and Restored Rope
  • The Guillotine Illusion
  • Passe Card and Silk
  • Multiplying Golf Balls
  • Girl Through Needle's Eye
  • A Ring and Half-Dollar Routine
  • Sun and Moon Trick
  • Spirit Slate Test for Club Shows
  • Multiplying Thimbles
  • Houdini Card Trick
  • A Production Box
  • Three "Can" Monte
  • A Hat Load
  • The Magic Beads
  • Watch Restoration
  • Printing by Magic
  • A Giant Card Stabbing Trick
  • A Timely Trick
  • Shooting Handkerchief Through Girl
  • Comedy Card, Silk, and Snake Combination
  • A Spirit Trick
  • Drawer Box Pistol Tube
  • The Traveling Stamps
  • An Easy Snake Trick
  • Spirit Photography
  • A Patriotic Trick
  • The Mindreading Pencils
  • The Magic Guinea Pig
  • The Spirit Mirror
  • Cards in Carrots
  • A Closing Trick
  • Some Ideas

1st edition 1945, 64 pages; PDF 58 pages.
word count: 17962 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text