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Magic with Electronics
by Julio Caso de los Cobos Fidalgo

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Magic with Electronics by Julio Caso de los Cobos Fidalgo

This ebook is for all who would like to combine magic and electronics but have little experience with electronics and have no idea what the possibilities are. The author explains a range of projects that will give you an overview of some of the magic effects achievable with electronics.

The first project has nothing to do with electronics but it will teach you how to write software, an app for your mobile phone. It is a very simple app, and it will not make you a programmer, but it allows you to get your feet wet and get a glimpse at the possibilities of apps.

You will then be introduced to some of the most important electronic and electromechanical components such as resistors, LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), relais, servo motors, etc., and the ESP32 microcontroller. A lot of electronics these days are based on microcontrollers. Keep in mind that this means that every such project requires some amount of programming because a microcontroller needs to be programmed before it can do what you want it to do. On one hand, this is very powerful because a lot can be done with software, and a lot of complexity can be moved to software. On the other hand, it also means there isn't that much electronics involved. If you want to learn what a transistor does and what circuits one can build with it, how an operational amplifier is typically used and in what types of circuits, or what kind of integrated circuits besides a microcontroller are useful for the DIY electronic enthusiast, then this ebook is not the right one. But if you want to understand how you can secretly turn something on or off, or convey information secretly using electronics, shoot confetti, emit smoke, or control motors and other actuators, and achieve many other effects, then this is the right book to get started on the path of integrating electronics into your magic.

The ebook is very hands-on and written to encourage you to build some of the things explained. In fact, there isn't that much text in the book. Most of the instructions are delivered by videos. The author has his own Telegram channel where he and other readers of the book can help each other. You can also get access to a private part on the author's website by contacting him after you have purchased the ebook. In this private section, you can find other resources such as where to purchase necessary components, circuit diagrams, files to upload to the microcontroller, and other design files.

Note: A lot of the detailed instructions and content are in videos which you can access via hyperlinks or QR codes from the PDF. These videos are hosted on the author's website and are therefore not served or maintained by If you do have access problems or other issues with these videos you have to contact the author. We will not be able to provide customer support for them. The contact information of the author is in the ebook.

  • Foreword
  • First Step
    • Creation of our first app
    • Change language in kodular
    • Application design
    • App programming
    • App simulation
    • Install app in our smartphone
    • Smartwatch
    • Esp 32 inside
  • Second step
    • Resistors
    • LED diode
    • Servomotor
    • Relay
    • Proximity sensors
    • Vibration actuators
    • Proto board
    • Dupont cables
    • Mini power supply USB
    • Wireless remote controls
    • DC motor
    • Stepper motors
  • Third step
    • ESP32 microcontroller
    • Setting up Arduino IDE environment
    • How to import files in ESP32
    • How to import files in Kodular
  • Effects with electronics
    • Effects with LED diode
    • Turn on a LED
    • Turn a LED on or off using a relay
    • Remote control magic wand
    • Blackboards
    • Scales
    • Control with RFID in objects
    • Lamp that stays on
    • Coin, ring, and objects triggers (clamp)
    • Remote bell
    • Clock activates alarm by remote control
    • Smoke emission
    • Muscle wires
    • App to control card position
    • In which hand is the coin?
    • Know the faces of Rubik´s cube
    • Use a Rubik´s cube to active electronics
    • Confetti shooter
    • Electromagnet
    • Mini Bluetooth printer
    • Control the music of your show by yourself
    • Receive audio via Bluetooth
  • Projects that may interest you
    • Candle that turns on and off by itself
    • The Chime
    • Raise cards
    • Legless table
  • Other free hardware platforms
  • Machines to help you in your projects
    • Cast 3d printer
    • Resin printers
    • Laser cutter
    • CNC
  • Links to creators of magic with electronics
  • END, Farewell and Telegram group

1st edition 2023, PDF 107 pages.
word count: 7960 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text

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