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Magical Rope Artistry
by Daniel Rowan


(6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Magical Rope Artistry by Daniel Rowan

"What a creativity in your book!" - Flip

"...this treatise is a steal for $25!" - Robert E. Neale, MUM March 2006.

Magical Rope Artistry is a wonderful text on rope sculptures, rope routines, and rope and ring effects. If you do rope magic, you will want this ebook.

Rope Sculptures - Learn how to turn a piece of rope into a rope rabbit puppet, then animate, levitate and vanish the creature. Totally impromptu. Change a piece of rope into mouse or rat. You can perform powerful routines similar to Dan Garrett's Judy the Mouse or Quentin Reynolds handkerchief mouse impromptu and then segue to your favorite rope effects. Learn to make a rope brain or send a rope valentine to your audience. this is a totally new genre of rope effects.

Rope routines - This section features two totally impromptu routines and two platform rope routines. The impromptu routines use only a 45 inch length of rope. Demonstrate a brief history of rope magic anywhere. Compete with the devil for magic supremacy. Tie a knot then slide it up and down, then make it disappear from the center of the rope. Make loops of rope magically appear. You can be tied up by an audience member and turn away. When you turn back around again you have a cigarette in your mouth, or maybe a clown nose and sunglasses appear. You are still securely tied until you choose to make your escape.

Ring and rope routines - Learn to levitate the ring without threads or gimmicks. This is a great start to a ring and rope routine. Add pizzazz to your ring and rope routines with a spin off move. The Jack Miller move is revisited for close-up work. Create a pentacle with the ring and rope. The ring eerily melts off the rope while a spectator hold the ends.

This is a largely uncirculated work now readily available again. Contains hundreds of color photographs.

1st edition 2003, 113 pages.
word count: 13815 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text