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Daniel Rowan

Daniel Rowan is a charter member of the Society of American Magicians Assembly 115 in Charlottesville Virginia and a member of the Order of Merlin Shield of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Dan has been performing general magic for over 50 years. Dan has a special fondness for rope magic which requires no advance preparation. His magic is extremely visual and practical. Dan is a retired Social Security expert who lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in central Virginia.

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Daniel Rowan

Magic on a Shoelace by Daniel Rowan

Magic on a Shoelace is an exploration of the use of the common bow knot for creating new rope and string effects.

"There’s some fun stuff in there!" - Dan Harlan
Learn how to:
  • Untie a shoe instantly
  • Put a finger ring on a shoelace without sleight of hand
  • Take a ring off a shoelace without sleight of hand
  • Pull a ribbon or streamer through a magic wand
  • Put a large ring on a rope without using the ends
  • Turn the standard “Magic Shoelaces” into a four phase presentation piece
  • Learn how to pull tied shoelaces apart effortlessly
  • Plus additional tips and secrets!
Magic on a Shoelace...
2020 / 8 / 14

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Daniel Rowan

Democrats 2020 by Daniel Rowan

Democrats 2020 is a topical political drama in which your spectators get to role play as presidential candidates.

The effect: A spectator secretly picks a democratic presidential candidate. The magician is able to divine the spectator's selection after questioning one or more other spectators who become other political candidates. No sleight of hand. Simple method which allows the magician to concentrate on the presentation of a mini election. All the needed materials are provided in the PDF for printing. Your spectators have the fun of participating and play acting as a candidate for the...

2020 / 2 / 2

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Daniel Rowan

Magical Rope Artistry by Daniel Rowan
"What a creativity in your book!" - Flip

"...this treatise is a steal for $25!" - Robert E. Neale, MUM March 2006.

Magical Rope Artistry is a wonderful text on rope sculptures, rope routines, and rope and ring effects. If you do rope magic, you will want this ebook.

Rope Sculptures - Learn how to turn a piece of rope into a rope rabbit puppet, then animate, levitate and vanish the creature. Totally impromptu. Change a piece of rope into mouse or rat. You can perform powerful routines similar to Dan Garrett's Judy the Mouse or Quentin Reynolds handkerchief mouse impromptu and then...

2015 / 3 / 3

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