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Packing Crate Escape or Sub-Trunk Illusions Plan
by Matt Garner & David Garner


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Packing Crate Escape or Sub-Trunk Illusions Plan by Matt Garner & David Garner

#3 in Illusions, Escape & Stage bestsellers

This is a very clear description of how to build a Houdini-style Sub Trunk from readily available parts. Matt added several clear photos to illustrate various stages and subassemblies. If you have never built an illusion or if you don't know the secret of this classic trick, you will find this ebook very useful.

1st edition, 2004
word count: 1212 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Matt Adams
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 14 May, 2013

Well, you get what you pay for...and maybe a little more in this case. When I bought this ebook I had NO idea what I was doing in regards to woodworking. There are multiple errors in the book regarding dimensions, but I figured it out well enough. The BEST part is that he tells you pretty much everything you could possibly need for building this box. THAT is super helpful to the newbie who doesn't know anything! So in short - I was ACTUALLY able to build the box from these plans!!

However, the thing weighs a TON and using 3/4 inch plywood probably wasn't the best choice. I've since learned some new building techniques and would definitely do things very differently if I did it again. But hey...I was able to build my first illusion. I never used it...but I did it. ;)

It now sits in my garage, the lid taken apart and used for other things (since my gimmick wasn't very good...I'd need to remake it anyway) and the four walls and base are assembled and used as storage at the moment. :) But all I would need to do is recut the lid and voila...My trunk is ready to go again. (The lid will definitely be the toughest part)

I didn't like the lid design and it didn't give much room to move about when the gimmick was open. I'd try something different my next go-around. But all in all...not horrible, but certainly not going to be a trunk you'll want to sell to a friend!