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Magigram: 10 effects from volume 14
by Aldo Colombini

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Magigram: 10 effects from volume 14 by Aldo Colombini


  • COMMERCIAL PREDICTION (Arthur Carter): You predict a single card which is removed from an apparently ordinary deck.
  • I WANT (Geny Dellan): Four freely selected cards turn out to be the four Aces.
  • CENTURY FORCE (Arthur Carter): A very unique way to force a number using discs.
  • CARD IN WALLET (John Yeager): A comedy (and magical) way to reveal a selected card inside your wallet.
  • MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Tom Ogden): Perfect for Valentine's Day (or any other day!). The spectator shuffles the cards and at the end all the Hearts are face up among the other cards face down.
  • ANOTHER JACK SANDWICH (John Yeager): A commercial and surprising way for the standard sandwich effect.
  • RINGS OFF-RINGS ON (Fabian-Aldo Colombini): Two key rings come off a piece of rope and then they link together.
  • IT'S THE CUT THAT COUNTS (Ken de Courcy): You cut the deck several times, increasing the number of cuts each time, and find the four Aces, one at a time.
  • ADDITUDE (Max Maven): You show a deck of cards with numbers. A spectator freely picks two numbers and you have predicted their total. Great idea.
  • THE TWENTY PENCE CARD DISCOVERY (Ken de Courcy): Two coins are borrowed and secured together with a rubber band. A card is selected and a duplicate miniature of that card appears between the coins.

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