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Making Waves
by John Gelasi


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Making Waves by John Gelasi

Young magician John Gelasi presents another experiment in a classic plot: “B’wave”.

This new two-packet “B’wave” effect called Making Waves combines all of the best elements of countless variations into one stunning packet trick. Best yet, you end completely clean, and all the cards can be examined immediately at the conclusion of the trick!

Here’s the basic effect:

Two packets of cards are used: one blue, and one red. The audience is asked to imagine that the red cards are the four aces, and that the blue cards are the four Queens. An ace is touched (free choice), say the Ace of Spades. The other red cards are shown to be completely blank. The blue packet is now spread to reveal one Queen is now reversed: the Queen of Spades! The magician then changes the back of the Queen of Spades from blue to red. The other three cards in the Queen packet are then shown to be the King, Jack, and 10 of Spades, to complete the royal flush in Spades. All cards may now be examined. The effect comes fully explained in this new PDF, which also includes video demos. Also included are these two bonus effects:

iWave: “B’wave” performed with regular cards from any deck. A predicted Queen in a packet of four cards matches a suit selected by a spectator, and then the other 3 cards are shown to be aces. Originally appeared in lp=110295 Two Can Play at That Game] by John Gelasi and Kyle MacNeill.

If You Can, ACAAN: A previously unpublished “CAAN” where a spectator’s named number finds their freely selected card!

1st edition 2011; 8 pages.
word count: 2134 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

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