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Maybe You Think
by Joseph B.

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Maybe You Think by Joseph B.

Determine the card selected and the sum cast with two dice in a novel and very deceptive way.

You show a deck of cards, shuffle it and while you look away the spectator throws the two dice, adds the points shown, removes that many cards and remembers the lowest card in the removed packet. The dice are covered so that the performer can't see them. Now comes the unusual thing. The removed packet is inserted by the spectator somewhere in the middle of the pack. Then the spectator cuts and with a rosetta shuffle the cards are shuffled. This is immediately followed by any number of riffle and overhand shuffles and any number of cuts. Despite all that truly honest and fair mixing the performer is able to determine not only the number the spectator threw but also the card that he remembered.

Remember that the spectator always keeps the cards face down. A normal deck of cards and normal dice are used. The cup is truly opaque and the performer cannot see the numbers. This does not involve rough and smooth cards or any sticky stuff. The method is very clever and executed literally in front of everybody's eyes.

1st edition 2022, video 17:38.

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