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Clever Card Conjuring
by C. A. George Newmann


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Clever Card Conjuring by C. A. George Newmann

A hard-to-find treatise on the beveled or "Stripper" pack, written by a world-famous mentalist and master magician. Out of print since 1923 (according to The Magic Wand magazine), this booklet is now back in a revised and expanded edition. No matter if you're a fan of this pioneering mentalist or simply want a collection of fine tricks to use with your tapered deck, this is a nice collection of a whopping 37 effects that you'll be happy to add to your repertoire.

"The most complete and extensive treatise ever compiled and published on the charming and effective uses of the standard 'Stripper Deck'." - Floyd G. Thayer

"Thousands of these packs (strippers) have been sold, yet very few purchasers really know how to use them -- principally because the accompanying directions have been scant and unsatisfactory." - George Johnson

"Newmann fully describes the stripper deck and its arrangement and technique, gives important rules and suggestions, lucidly describes, and gives variations of nearly forty effects, the majority of which are not generally known and quite a number of which are entirely original with the author. A highly interesting and valuable work well worthy a place in the best magical libraries." - Dr. A. M. Wilson

  • About This Book
  • Prefatory Note
  • The Stripper Pack, Its Arrangement and Technique
  • Important Rules and Suggestions
  • Stripper Tricks and How to Do Them
    1. Red & Black Separation
    2. Variation
    3. Selected Card Selected by Weight
    4. Variation
    5. Cutting the Chosen Card
    6. The Magnetized Card
    7. The Turned Card
    8. The Handkerchief Discovery
    9. Variation
    10. The Egyptian Pocket
    11. Producing A Card at a Selected Number
    12. Naming The Number of Cards Cut
    13. Cutting Any Number Called For
    14. The Blown Card
    15. The Penetrating Card
    16. Variation—Card Through the Table
    17. Cards From the Pocket
    18. The Poker Trick
    19. The Whist Trick
    20. The Mystic Reunion
    21. The Hypnotic Card
    22. The Transfixed Card
    23. Variation
    24. Cards Caught in Mid Air at the Fingertips
    25. The Surprise Card Trick
    26. Card Catching on Plate
    27. Acrobatic Jacks
    28. The Four Ace Effect
    29. A Mind Reading Trick
    30. Triple Mind Reading Effect
    31. The Divined Card
    32. Variation
    33. Mind Over Matter
    34. The Animated Card
    35. The Rising Cards
    36. Radio-Psychic Card Trick
    37. Mystic Detection
  • Some Final Suggestions
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Recommended Titles

1st edition 1922, PDF 30 pages.
word count: 7669 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text