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by Ali Foroutan

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MindCAAN by Ali Foroutan

A hands-off card prediction at any number.

"No other method can achieve what your method achieves." - Dan Harlan

"To be honest, I would have more than one method to achieve the same effect, but - and this is a big BUT - Ali doesn't use any of them! So, it is indeed very clean and very fooling." - Jan Forster

Do we really need another 'Card At Any Number?!' We already have so many! So why would you be interested in this? It is a completely hands-off card at any number.

The deck of cards is in the spectator's hands. At no point do you touch the cards. You ask the spectator to think of any number between 1-52. There is absolutely no force. Whatever number they say, they deal the cards face up to their number. The card found at that position matches your prediction.

There are no gimmicks. No duplicates. The deck can be borrowed if you wish but there is a minimum amount of setup. Once set up everything instantly resets after a performance. This is 100% surefire. There is no way of it not working. Depending on the number, they might have to count the cards from the face of the deck or from the top. In very rare cases they will have to cut the cards. But keep in mind, you never touch the cards.

I also include another effect using a similar principle. It is a song prediction. You have a stack of songs written on some blank cards. They name a number, they count down to the number and the song at that number matches your prediction.

  • No forces
  • No gimmicks
  • No memorization
  • No duplicates
  • Regular deck
"This looks practical and deceptive for both virtual and live performances. It looks like Ali is going to make another splash with this one!" - Christopher Taylor

"What a great solution to a classic plot. Inventive, creative and fooling too!!" - Nicholas Einhorn

1st edition 2021, video 30 min.

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