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Mindvention 2009 Lecture Notes
by Devin Knight

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Mindvention 2009 Lecture Notes by Devin Knight

First time released as PDF. These are the highly sought after lecture notes from Devin's first lecture at Mindvention in 2009. Includes the amazing INSIGHT.

INSIGHT -- Another Clever ACCAN

You invite two spectators to help in this experiment. You remove a deck of cards casually show them face up while you remove the joker. They are placed face down on the table. You ask one of the spectators to cut off a block and look at a card. Not to remove it, just THINK of it. You really don't know what card the person is thinking about! The selection is made in the spectator's hands. The magician isn't touching the cards. The person doesn't write the card down, he merely thinks of it.

The deck is then picked up by you and mixed so nobody knows where the card he is just thinking of is. You casually spread the cards face up telling the 2nd person the thought of card could be anywhere in the deck. You turn the deck face down and place it on the table. The 2nd person is asked to use his INSIGHT and decide on a number. Let's say he decides on 27. You ask him to deal a pile of 27 cards face down. The magician does NOT touch the cards.

After the pile is dealt you ask the first person for the FIRST time what card he thought of. You really don't know the card he thought of until he now names it.

You point out that the first person freely choose a number and dealt that many cards off. You say that nobody could know the top card of that pile. You point out that had he stopped one card sooner it would have been different. You have him turn over the other card on the other pile showing it not the thought of card. Now for the climax, the person turns over the card counted down to, and it is the merely thought of card!


Two participants form a card to ensure the choice is random. One chooses the suit and the other the value with no restrictions. You take the lid off the box - inside is a deck of cards and a folded 8" x 5" piece of paper. The participant unfolds the paper. Written on it is THE CARD JUST NAMED IS IN POSITION 14 FROM THE TOP. The participant removes the deck and counts down to the 14th card from the top. It is the same card just formed at random. No switches or sleights used. The participant takes out the paper and deck from the box. THE PERFORMER DOES NOT STICK HIS HAND INSIDE THE BOX, NOR DOES HE TOUCH THE PAPER OR DECK!


A real world method you will use.


The same method used by Devin in 1989 to garner world wide publicity!


Give a spectator psychic powers so he can correctly tell you cards sight unseen. No switches or marked cards.


The finest dictionary test ever created! Reveal words just thought of and never written down. An improvement over the original Al Mann effect.

1st edition 2009; 1st digital edition 2012, 45 pages.
word count: 22545 which is equivalent to 90 standard pages of text