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MINT 1967 Annotated
by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

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MINT 1967 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

The Annotated M.I.N.T. series grows. Thanks to Ed Marlo and Wesley James, M.I.N.T III, IV, V, VI, and Annotated M.I.N.T. 1963 through 1966 are already available. The release of this volume takes another major step toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations, supplemental, and Bonus material. The content of this volume is notable for the range it explores. It includes eleven articles, Ed missing only in April. Three of Ed's contributions are of special note. One is pivotal to the development of Bottom Deal techniques, another is the basis for a Palm position that had not previously been explored. More than 50 years later, these articles remain relevant. The third ground-breaking article introduces one of Ed's most widely adopted innovations and provides new light on the controversy surrounding it.

Wesley's includes two of his most important developments, his previously unpublished "Handy Fishing" system and his heralded "Beveled Whisper Bottom Deal." There is also a wealth of Wesley's Notes, Tips and Clarifications. The pages of 1967 New Tops articles also offers Ed's boundary-stretching developments with the "Mexican Joe Crimp" and "Ever Ready Black" concept, which have sweeping implications. Ed also adds to his recurring exploitation of the temporary gaff in "Opportune Miracle." Wesley takes the opportunity to share his work on the "Toss Out Deck" plot with a ground-breaking version wherein spectators force cards on each other and there's never a "No" answer. Ed's "Torn and Restored Card" may have been superseded in recent years, but it maintains an unrivaled visual element. Ed also describes some of his ever-evolving "One hand Card Switch" techniques and introduces the then-little-known "Lateral Palm," which he calls "New Tabled Palm."

The evolution of the ATFUS and FUFU has become controversial but Ed shares his "Simulated Pickup" to potentially powerful ends. He goes on to give his mental flavor "Ace-Two-Three" plot in "The Promise." Wesley shares his "Universal Card" plot that is so simple a beginner could perform it, yet it was part of his repertoire in hundreds of shows. One doesn't expect Ed Marlo to handle the "Deal and Duck" process but with "Pulldown Eliminator" he does. Wes responds with his treatment of a related plot that recalls Erdnase but incorporates some of Vernon's thinking.

Consistent with Ed's pattern in the New Tops, his most important contribution is last, in the Trick Annual. "The Cigar Bottom Deal" article is too often overlooked but contains gems of Marlo thinking on deals. Wesley is forever indebted to Ed for his "Pseudo Full Grip" technique, which inspired Wesley's monumental "Beveled Whisper Bottom Deal," which he shares in detail.

1967 was a diverse year, making it truly exceptional The material offers something for card workers at every level. To understand, benefit from, and incorporate Marlo's material as only those who knew him well have previously, these are books you will want to own and treasure for years. In tribute to Ed, fully consistent with Ed's approach through his contributions, Wesley wanted these volumes to offer much more, hence his annotations, clarifications, corrections - both logical and grammatic - plus Wesley's insightful personal Notes. Those Notes are largely complimentary, but some are critical; all are informative.

If you already own MINT III through VI, and/or Annotated M.I.N.T. 1963 - 1966, you'll now, in keeping with the other volumes, be able to expand your file of Marlo In New Tops with more than the flat unclear text previously available. You'll also add to your collection of Wesley James' creations, and benefit from his detailed descriptions, analysis, and historical perspective. Rarely have volumes offered so much to those who are serious about performing card magic. Some of what you'll read is easy, some more technically challenging, but it's all been made practical.

The entire collection, plus corrected illustrations, and Wesley's plentiful Notes are all in this volume. The ebook price is just $40 and, as you'll see from the Table of Contents below, you'll want to learn all it offers. Don't wait to be blown away by this mix of older Marlo material and Wesley's insightful Notes and cutting-edge creations. It's all here for you now.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • MARL0 HANDLES MEXICAN JOE - Vol 7, No. 1, January 1967
    • Marlo Mexican Miracle
    • Double Miracle
    • Multiple Find
    • Ace Cutting
    • Triple Location
    • Cardician's Touch
    • Mexican Detective
    • Mexican With A Memory
    • Mexican Divination
    • The Skillful Mexican
  • WJ on Marlo Handles Mexican Joe
  • EVER READY-BLACK ROUTINE-Vol. 7, No. 2, February 1967
    • Phase One
    • Phase Two
    • Phase Three
  • WJ on Ever Ready-Blacks Routine
  • THE OPPORTUNE MIRACLE - Vol. 7, No. 3, March 1967
    • First Procedure
    • Second Procedure
    • Third Procedure
    • Fourth Procedure
  • WJ on Opportune Miracle
    • History; Forcing the Same Card on Multiple Spectators
    • The Tossed-out Deck; Handy Stabbed Hoy; Handy Fishing
  • ULTRA TORN & RESTORED CARD - Vol 7, No 5, May 1967
  • WJ on Ultra Torn and Restored Card
    • Pressed Restoration; Inverted J Lapping
  • ONE HAND CARD SWITCHES - Vol 7, No. 6, June 1967
    • 1st Card Switch
    • 2nd Card Switch
    • The Illogical Switch
    • The No Palm Switch
  • WJ on One Hand Card Switches
  • NEW TABLED PALMS - Vol 7, No. 7, July 1967
    • 1st Approach
    • 2nd Approach; Variation Of The 2nd Approach
    • 3rd Approach; Variation Of The 3rd Approach; Extension Of The 3rd Approach
    • In The Hands; For A Number Of Cards; Off The Bottom
  • WJ on New Tabled Palms
  • SIMULATED PICKUP - Vol. 7, No. 8, August 1967
    • No Palm Transpo
  • WJ on Simulated Pick-up
    • Standing Your Brown; Refined Switchless Switch
  • THE PROMISE - Vol. 7, No. 9, September 1967
    • First Method
    • Second Method
    • Third Method
    • WJ on The Promise
    • Simply Collecting
  • THE OTHER METHOD - Vol 7, No 10, October 1967
  • WJ on The Other Method
    • My Universal Card
  • PULLDOWN ELIMINATOR - Vol 7, No. 11, November 1967
    • Best Pull Down Procedure For Eliminator Effect
    • Down And Under
    • Down And Under Coincidence
  • WJ on Pulldown Eliminator
    • Saving the Eliminator; The Basic WJ Under the Spread Force Technique; Remove Unseen
  • THE CIGAR BOTTOM DEAL - Vol 7, No. 12, Trick Annual December 1967
    • The Cigar Bottom Deal
    • Full Grip Deal
    • The Pseudo Method
    • Push Pull Bottom Deal
  • WJ on The Cigar Bottom Deal
    • The Beveled Whisper Bottom Deal
      • The Grip
      • The Squeeze Pivot Pre-Loosen
      • The Top Card Action
  • In Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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