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Neo Shufflogica
by Wesley James


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Neo Shufflogica by Wesley James

Revisiting the False Shuffle for Artifice and Magic

There has not been a complete work on Shuffle technique since the early 1970's, yet Shuffle techniques have continued to advance. In fact, there has been a significant shift in the paradigm of those at the forefront of Shuffle techniques. Further, "In-the-Hands" techniques have become increasingly common, even in the magic fraternity, as they have been in the cheating community for many years. Now, for the first time, one of the most recognized experts on the subject has released the real work, including many of his own developments, for those who are serious about mastering these techniques, both old and new.

Wesley James, universally renowned for his knowledge, skill, and attention to detail in description, has created this 200 plus page volume. He offers the best of the old, including refinements on techniques that have been developed and tweaked over more than a hundred years. He provides the best of the newer techniques, adding his own touches to improve their deceptiveness and, for the first time, reveals which techniques are best applied in various situations: close-up, at a distance, walk-around or seated.

Wesley also provides his much-celebrated analysis and improvements on the Zarrow and Oeink Shuffles, providing information withheld from his masterwork, Enchantments. Further, he describes new techniques, adding his own developments, and breaks ground in directions that have never previously been employed. The result is a distillation of the best alternatives, the most advanced current thinking on how these techniques, old and new, can be most effectively employed. Used as described they will convey that everything you do is performed from a shuffled deck in use (FASDIU).

Wesley knows his audience, so he has also included a dozen killer magic effects and routines that exploit the shuffle techniques he teaches. Some of these routines are older, some newer, and some that have not been previously approached in the literature.

Here are some of the techniques you'll learn:

  • Zarrow
  • Oeink
  • Gestalt Shuffles
  • Mid-Oeink
  • Pie
  • Mideo Zarrow Shuffle
These are some of the routines you'll discover:
  • I'll Put Money On It
  • You See, I'll Remember
  • In My Estimation
  • Ace-uffle
  • Dead Thumb Fake-out
  • How'd You Know?
  • Siamese Shuffle
  • SympathOrder
  • Color Triumphant
  • Symphony in Spades
  • Gilbreath Blackjack
  • Shuffle Sandwich

1st edition 2017, 230 pages.
word count: 105029 which is equivalent to 420 standard pages of text