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Modernism in Pasteboard
by Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. Hahne


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Modernism in Pasteboard by Ralph W. Hull & Nelson C. Hahne

The inventor of the "Mental Photography Deck" and one of magic's best illustrators teamed up to provide this outstanding collection of 11 stunning card and mental effects.

The experts agree, this is one book you can't afford to pass up. Ralph W. Hull's thorough explanations guide the reader through a series of clever card routines. This guidebook introduced artist Nelson Hahne's "Magical Map" concept of using his excellent pen-and-ink drawings to thoroughly explain the subtleties of the various moves and handlings.

Not just for card workers, Hull's "Animated Chalk Marks" effect will also be of interest to mentalists and psychic practitioners.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword by W. W. Durbin
  • Publisher's Introduction
  • Frontispiece
  • Modernism in Mentalism
  • Perfect Double Card Lift
  • The Animated Chalk Marks
  • Red and Black Mix-up
  • Modern Television
  • The Photographic Card
  • Twentieth Century Spell or Count Mystery
  • The "Say Stop" Method
  • The Upside-Down Mystery
  • Mysterioso Moderne
  • "Under the Nose" Location
  • Tricklings and Tricklets
  • About the Authors
  • Appendix: Camera-Ready Masters for "The Photographic Card"
  • Thank You
"The very latest wrinkles in card magic. Hahne's Perfect Double Lift is worth more than the price of the book." - T. J. Crawford

"A beautiful-looking book containing effects that are also 'beautiful.' Hahne illustrates the book with 'Magical Maps,' each explaining a trick. Of his six, you card men will like the Double Card Lift and the Red and Black Mix-up the best, while the less skilled like myself will enjoy the Photographic Card and the Upside Down Mystery. Hull explains, for the first time in print, his Animated Chalk Marks, a fine effect for club or parlor. Of his other items, his own favorite is the 20th Century Spell, but my vote goes for Modern Television, a clever item that can be worked in a manner to leave them gasping." - Lloyd E Jones

"The tricks described are truly masterpieces of the card worker's art. Will be of benefit to every magician. Highly recommended." - W. W. Durbin

"Fresh ways of revealing selected cards, new and useful sleights, two exceptionally effective items requiring only standard apparatus, how to thoroughly shuffle and still keep the red and black cards apart, a spelling trick that is more diverse than any we've ever heard of, and a 'photographic' feat that reproduces not only the proper card but also the human hand that holds it. Don't pass this by." - Tom Bowyer

1st edition 1934, PDF 63 pages.
word count: 19111 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text