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Money Magic
by Jean Hugard


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★

Money Magic by Jean Hugard

The manipulation of money is fascinating to everyone and probably always will be. Bills are common, pack small, and easy to borrow. This booklet describes in detail all the important moves, gimmicks and tricks with paper money. Great effects are taught, spanning the impromptu situation to the prepared performance from close-up to parlor or stage. This is a great book with very practical and strong effects.

1st edition, 1937 Max Holden, New York; 62 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Preliminary Preparation
  3. Chapter 2: Sleights, Switches
  4. Chapter 3: Vanishes
  5. Chapter 4: Impromptu Tricks with Bills
  6. Chapter 5: A Bill and a Cigarette
  7. Chapter 6: A Bill and a Lemon
  8. Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Tricks with Bills

word count: 27809 which is equivalent to 111 standard pages of text

Reviewed by solrak29
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 14 October, 2006

I purchased this in search of ideas for some good effects to do with paper money. I found this one littered with some good ideas and for the price you have nothing to lose. I definately would say, to the beginning magician, to purchase this to gain some ideas on doing some magic with paper money. For some it may be difficult to read unless your familiar with some basic concepts in magic. I think the more advanced magician may not find this too interesting, but there are some hidden gems in here.

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