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More Paper Magic
by Will Blyth

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More Paper Magic by Will Blyth

A collection of entertaining and amusing models, toys, conjuring tricks, etc., in which paper is the only or principal material required.

Excerpt from the Preface:

The art of simple paper folding gives pleasure not only to the young, but even to old stagers, who become interested and sometimes enthusiastic in the making-up of paper items, learnt at school, but long forgotten. Mr. Oswald Williams, the famous illusionist, was kind enough to express to the author his appreciation of Paper Magic, and testified to the pleasure he had received in making up the various paper folds described therein, some new, and some reminiscent of his schoolboy days.

Two of these, the Snap Goblin and the Jumping Frog, are not very well known, but for interest and amusement they will, I feel sure, prove to be as popular as any of the paper folds yet given. In addition to the foregoing, there are several new and interesting folds for hats, purses, and children’s toys. The book has been divided into three parts; the first containing children’s toys and recreations. In the second part the useful and scientific possibilities of paper work have also been dealt with. Under the first category, attention is drawn to the Grocer’s Cone, Paper Band, Quick Binder, and several forms of serviette folding, all of which have been described in the smallest detail and illustrated so fully that the folding should present no difficulty to anyone. For those interested in science, there is Home-Made Electricity, Electrical Experiments, Revolving Serpent, Sampson Paper, Submarine, Fire Resisting Paper, etc. In all of these there is a scientific principle involved, and the reasoning-out of this principle provides an instructive feature. In the third part of the book some further examples of entertainment by means of paper are given, and the reader is taken a little further into the fascinating realms of magic. Some special points have been noted in connection with this phase of paper manipulation which have been placed as an introduction to that section of the book.

  • Preface
  • Part I: Toys And Recreations
    • Snap Goblin
    • Doll’s Table
    • Battle Cruiser
    • Clothing Outfit
    • Water Bomb
    • Jumping Frog
    • Snail
    • Pine Cones
    • Improved Soldier’s Hat
    • Trough
    • Norseman’s Helmet
    • Dart Projector
    • Revolving Dart
    • Simple Flap Purse
    • Safety Square Flap Purse
    • Lock Flap Purse
    • Easy Aeroplane Fold
    • Chrysalis Beads
    • Christmas Crackers
    • Slap Bang
    • Doorway Scoring Game
    • Submarine
    • Squeaker
    • Fire-Resisting Paper
    • Home-Made Electricity
    • Electrical Experiments
    • Revolving Serpent
    • Sampson Paper
    • Cover The Spot
    • Multum Per Parvum
    • Boomerang
    • The Recrossing Cross
  • Part II: Decorative And Useful
    • Picture Postcard Frame
    • Paper Flowers
    • Fairy Flower
    • Paper Band
    • Quick Binder
    • Grocer’s Cone
    • Spills
    • Serviette Folding
    • Christmas Decorations
  • Part III: Conjuring
    • Introduction
    • Instantaneous Photography
    • The Brownies’ Tea Cloth
    • The Fraternising Allies
    • Dodging The Sergeant
    • Edge Dropping
    • Paper Resuscitation
    • A Test Of Endurance

1st edition 1923, 121 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 20426 which is equivalent to 81 standard pages of text