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How to become a Conjurer
by Will Blyth

#3 Paper & Paper Money author
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How to become a Conjurer by Will Blyth

This work is primarily intended for those who are seeking to master the art of entertaining by magic, but who are quite ignorant of the rudiments of conjuring.

The first section, although dealing with conjuring books in general, is intended to indicate to the reader how to read this volume so that he may profit from the matter contained in the various sections.

Sections Two, Three, and Four give full instructions on the use of the appliances, appurtenances, and sleights of conjuring. Therein are described the elementary principles and appliances of the art of conjuring which must be regarded as necessary auxiliaries serving to build up effects similar to those described in Section Five. This section gives a useful selection of original and standard effects suitable for various types of performers, all of which have been demonstrated before public audiences and proved to be entertaining.

Finally, Section Six gives full details of conjurers' sidelines; and performers who wish to add variety to their entertainment will find ample material to suit them in this section.

  • Introductory
  • Section One: Books On Conjuring
    • How And What To Read
  • Section Two: Conjuring Appliances
    • Bottomless Tumbler
    • Bowler Hat
    • Bran Box
    • Brass Plug Box
    • Buatier Pull
    • Burning Globe
    • Card Banner
    • Card Box
    • Card Ladle
    • Card Table
    • Cardboard Box
    • Changing Bag With Handle
    • Crystal Casket
    • Double Handkerchief
    • Double Paper Fold
    • Dove Pan
    • Drawer Box
    • Drum Head Tube
    • Egg Duster
    • False Finger
    • Ghost Tube
    • Golden Canister
    • Handkerchief Ball
    • Handkerchief Cylinder
    • Mirror Tumbler
    • Money Tray
    • Nest Of Boxes
    • Opera-Hat
    • Paper Fastener And Safety-Pin
    • Paper Cone
    • Pistol Tube
    • Plain Changing Bag
    • Rabbit Saucepan
    • Roterberg Card Box
    • Sand Frame
    • Stodare Egg
    • Tambourine Rings
    • Thimble Producer
    • Thumb Tip
    • Wand With Centre Rod
    • Watch Box
  • Section Three: Conjuring Appurtenances
    • Adjustable Patch Pocket
    • Billiard Balls
    • Black Thread
    • Conjuring Tables
    • Eggs
    • Flash Paper
    • Glass Coin Disk
    • Magic Wand
    • Playing Cards
    • Servante
    • Silk Handkerchiefs
    • Spring Flowers
    • Thimbles
    • Trousers Pockets
    • Vest
  • Section Four: Conjuring Sleights
    • Card Change
    • Card Force
    • Card Palm
    • Card Pass
    • Change-Over Palm
    • Finger Palm
    • Finger-Tip Palm
    • Thumb Palm
    • Tourniquet
  • Section Five: Practical Conjuring
    • Affinity Of Letters And Figures
    • The Bather's Bon-Bon
    • A Boy Scout Item
    • The Chain And Anchor
    • The Changeling
    • Colour Extraction And Restoration
    • Felix And The Two Dogs
    • Filling The Christmas Stocking
    • Good Evening
    • Magical Dye Extraction
    • Majugglery
    • A Match Problem
    • Mickey Mouse
    • The Obedient Diver
    • Paper Watch And Chain
    • The Phoenix Paper
    • Printing The Charm
    • Simple Self-Tying Knot
    • The Transposed Silks
    • A Trick Of Alternation
    • Untying The Knot
    • Variegated Paper Tearing
    • A Box Of Crackers
    • Wicked Willie And Naughty Nancy
  • Section Six: Conjurers' Side-Lines
    • Chapeaugraphy
    • Juggling
    • Lightning Sketches
    • Marionettes
    • Punch And Judy
    • Rag Pictures
    • Sand Pictures
    • Shadowgraphy
    • Smoke Pictures
    • Trouble Wit
    • Ventriloquism
    • Concluding Remarks
    • Methuen's General Literature

1st edition 1934, 183 pages; PDF 127 pages.
word count: 47708 which is equivalent to 190 standard pages of text