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More Tips On Tricks
by Milbourne Christopher

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More Tips On Tricks by Milbourne Christopher

Pro magician and author Milbourne Christopher reveals even more favorite tips, ideas, gags, patter and effects from his own shows. Get extra mileage from the magic effects you already own.

This ebook picks up from where his earlier book, Tips on Tricks, leaves off - with no duplication of material. Just practical, tested material for any performer. At this low price, we think it's one of the finest values in magic today.

"One of the most practical brochures on magic I've ever seen. 'More Tips on Tricks' is crammed with material which has obviously been performance tested." - Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.

"A fine volume full of humor, patter, presentation, hints and magical material. Worth a lot to the practical performer." - Trevor Hall

"All magicians who perform publicly will find the fifty-six tricks, suggestions and publicity ideas well worth perusal." - Tom Bowyer

"Unpretentious but excellent. The impromptu 'Paper Money' effect is particularly good." - Wilfrid Jonson

  • Foreword
    • Rope to Cigarette
    • Simply Shocking
    • Banana Suggestion
    • A Little Fishy
    • The Rabbit Hat
    • Serpent Silks
    • Trick of a Different Color
    • Surprise Conclusion
    • Opening Trick
    • Zipper Trick
    • Flash Torn & Restored Finale
    • Space Silks
    • Forcing Decks for Card in Cigarette
    • Soft Soap Bit
    • On for the Rings
    • Mental Test
    • Pig Looking 'Round
    • Light, Please!
    • Committee Badge
    • Cigarette to Wand
    • Good Business Shuffle
    • Turning Pig Finish
    • Silk in the Box
    • Something Extra
    • Chinese Stick Variations
    • Pocket Switch
    • Chinese Stickler
    • Super Production Box
    • Patter Bit
    • Memory Aid
    • Canteen Conjuring
    • Lesson in Levitation
    • Leading Remarks
    • Noisy Audience
    • Heckler Stopper
    • Noisy Spectator
    • The Egg Silk
    • Lit Cigarette
    • Undercover
    • Herrmann Item
    • Color Blend
    • Sausage in the News
    • Columns
    • Items
    • Photo-Op Ideas
    • Photos
    • Women's Page
    • Table Cards
    • Giveaways
    • Mailing Lists
    • Internet Web Site
    • Interviews
    • Radio and TV
    • Lobby Displays
    • The Show
    • Other Magicians
  • About the Author
  • Suggested Titles
1st edition 1945, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 10387 which is equivalent to 41 standard pages of text