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by Cameron Francis
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Multifarious by Cameron Francis

7 Eclectic Close Up Card Effects + 1 Pen & Coin Trick

"This is an outstanding production, filled with stuff close up guys are gonna love. I really like what you did with Coincidentally Yours- just about perfect! I'm gonna have to do that trick!" - Jack Carpenter

EXPECTANT -- An assembly effect with an awesome twist.

COINCIDENTATLLY YOURS -- Harry Lorayne's classic effect reloaded.

SKILL V. MAGIC -- A killer Triumph effect with three selections.

FLYING FOUR REVISITED -- A super streamlined transposition between four signed cards and four blanks.

KEY CARD SEQUENCE -- A card is selected and the deck fairly mixed at the same time. You are able to easily locate the selection. Seems ridiculously fair. Even fools magicians.

BILL-WICH -- A signed card visually appears between two dollar bills!

THE SPACE BETWEEN -- A "Searchers" variation that's super easy and high on impact.

RECAPITATED -- A great ending for your favorite "Coin In Pen Cap" routine.

Multifarious is a PDF with links to downloadable video performances and explanations of each effect. You can either watch the videos online and/or download them onto your computer.

1st edition 2013, 10 pages.

Demo for Expectant

Demo for The Flying Four Revisited

Demo for Bill-Wich

word count: 1287 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

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