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My Mind in Your Pocket
by Timothy Wade

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My Mind in Your Pocket by Timothy Wade

A mind reading card effect which takes place in the hands of the spectator.

The performer, with back turned, asks a spectator to make a choice between four identical face down decks in a row. When the selection is made he/she is told to pick up the chosen deck under which is one of the performer's business cards. Before examining the business card the spectator is asked to shuffle the deck and place it back on the table. This done, the spectator is asked to look at what is on the back of the business card and then place it in a pocket or somewhere else out of site. Lastly the spectator is asked to remove the remaining decks and business cards at which time he/she may examine each card to confirm that each has something different on the back. The performer, then, turns around and proceeds to give the spectator a 'reading' using the chosen deck. The reading also dramatically reveals what is written on the hidden business card.

Everything proceeds just as described and the performer does not know until the end of the reading what is written on the card. Also, the spectator has a totally free choice when selecting a deck of cards.

While it is not absolutely necessary, the effect is more dramatic if the performer knows a little about cold reading, however, the method for gaining the information on the business card is almost effortless and happens right under the spectators nose.

1st edition 2015, 5 pages.
word count: 906 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text