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by Luca Volpe


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Nephthys by Luca Volpe

Following the great response from his first ebook Horus Luca Volpe returns with his second work Nephthys. Nephthys is the name of an Egyptian god, the goddess of magic and knowledge. True to this title, if you perform these effects you will appear to have god-like powers. But don't let this get to your head, they are only magic tricks.

In this ebook Luca Volpe has incorporated many psychological aspects and basic methods to create mindblowing experiences that are 100% surefire! All of the effects come complete with script and performance tips.

The routines Luca describes are:

  • DOUBLE PREDICTION: An incredible headline prediction with a very clever method! Easy to do and invisible to the spectator!

  • PHOTO CONNECTION: You call a spectator on stage and hand him a sealed envelope, you tell him that there is something special inside. You ask him to phone his friend and to pass the phone to you. Once his friend is on the phone, you ask him to name a famous city from anywhere in the world, for example he will answer VENICE. The spectator on stage opens the envelope and finds a photo of VENICE!

  • DIRECT BOOK TEST (No gimmick book test): A spectator is called on stage and you ask him (or her) to choose one of three books (no gimmicked books are being used). Once he has chosen, you ask him to open at any page he wants and to read the first word on the page. You take a blank business card, write something down and put it on the table. He tells you the word and turns the card to see the exact same word written on it. You ask him to open the book at the same page but to read the last word this time. You take the card that is on the table and on the other blank side you write something, again this word will be exactly correct. You tell him to turn to the page after the one he chose and to read either the first or the last word on this page, without fishing or anything suspicious, you tell him the same word that he is thinking!

  • SIXTH SENSE REVISITED: Call a spectator on stage, tell him to take a coin behind his back and to hold it in one of his hands. You also do this at the same time. He then brings his hands out in front and you do the same. Ask the spectator to open the hand that holds the coin and you then reveal that you hold the coin in the same hand as the spectator. You do this 3 times in a row!

  • REMOTE VISION: The person on the other end of the telephone is asked to imagine a simple image. You then draw something on a piece of paper. Afterward you take a picture with your mobile phone that you send to him via MMS. The person opens the MMS to find the exact duplication of the image that he was thinking of.

  • DEJA WORDS: A spectator chooses a random word from a packet of different words under hypnotic suggestion. An envelope, that was present on stage throughout, is opened to reveal the word that was chosen by the spectator. At the end of the experiment the spectator believes to have been hypnotized.

  • USING THE MONOTONE OF THE VOICE: A tool that will enhance your performance by using the tone of the voice.

1st edition 2009; 43 pages.
word count: 11520 which is equivalent to 46 standard pages of text