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D'illusions Too
by Scott Xavier


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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D'illusions Too by Scott Xavier

D'illusions Too is a complete mentalism show in an ebook. All the material is low set-up less then 30 minutes and can be purchased from Wal-mart for less then ten dollars. This ebook is for advanced mentalists who know basic mentalism concepts. The material is heavy into dual reality concepts...

Inside this ebook you will get:

  • A method to design an ink writer
    Learn to create an ink writer that will last nearly a life time...easy practical and efficient.

  • A multi spectator drawing duplication
    Imagine a two spectator back to back drawing duplication where you draw both the spectators drawings. Now point to anyone in the audience have them think of any item they saw that day and then instantly begin drawing this. You can repeat this process several times as well.

  • Reveal the name of a first love
    Have every one stand in the audience. Have everyone think of the names of their first loves. They do, and you randomly select a volunteer. She is merely to think of the name of her first love, and although she writes nothing down, you read her mind and guess the first loves name, age, and appearance.

  • A recorded prediction effect that predicts a spectators name, clothing, and phone number
    The mentalist plays a game of chance with an audience to find one random spectator. He then reveals that this wasn't just chance, instead it was all foretold by playing an audio prediction on a voice recorder that describes the spectator's name and what they are wearing and even their phone number.

  • Daydreamer which presents a reminiscence like dual reality effect that you can carry anywhere
    Imagine a reminiscence or real mind reading effect that uses only one index card to record the name of a celebrity. Then the spectator is asked to invent a daydream about that celebrity. The mentalist jumps into the audience and has the audience read the spectators mind...

  • & much more...

1st edition 2009; 32 pages.
word count: 3929 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text