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New Jackpot Coins
by Al Koran

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New Jackpot Coins by Al Koran

Routine by Harry Stanley, updated by Ken de Courcy, edited by Barry Laymond.

This was one of Al Koran's popular routines, and a hit on T.V. and during his cabaret and stage performances. It is baffling yet easy to do and, more important, it employs apparatus with immediate appeal to everyone ... money! Al worked the effect continuously and this is the professional presentation he used. The apparatus consists of cloth bag looking like those used by banks and several coins. The effect develops in three stages as follows:

1) A spectator reaches into the bag of money and grabs any number of coins. Miraculously you prove that you knew the number of coins that he would take.

2) Do it again, this time you ask him to add a few more or take a few away. Again, you are correct.

3) Finally, for the third and stunning last stage of the routine you state the exact amount in cash that the spectator has chosen.

Here's a presentation that works well and can be built into a real feature effect. Like all true mentalism it involves the minimum of apparatus to bring about the maximum of bewildering effect. A hit from one of the greatest mentalists, now updated so you can perform it right away. You receive very detailed instructions. All you need are a certain number of coins and a cloth bag that likely you already have or can easily make yourself. And, yes, you can also use a transparent bag.

1st edition 1983, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 1959 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text