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Next by Daniel Garcia

These are Daniel's impromptu magic notes.

"Cliptrip alone is worth the price of these notes!" - Chris Kenner

"Stretch is the best use of this old rubberband principle i have ever seen." - Dan Harlan

" .....(smile)...." - Paul Harris

Find out what has the top names in magic interested in Daniel Garcia's mind. This set of notes contains some of the strongest and most visual impromptu magic ever seen. Cliptrip - causes a paper clip to visually melt at your finger tips as openly as possible. Bad Habit - push a cigarette through the cellophane of its pack, and visually mend the melted holes. Stretch - An Extrememly visual ring and rubberband routine with the 3 phases.

Cliptrip: The magician displays a handful of paper clips and asks the spectator to select any one of the paper clips. The spectator then proceeds to bend the paper clip so that it is completely and unquestionably straight. The magician then takes the paper clip and holds it with only two fingers and visibly causes the paper clip to warp and melt down. The paper clip is then immediately handed back as a souvenir.

No Smoking: The Magician displays a matchbook with a number of matches inside. You explain that it is actually possible to make objects and matter travel by using smoke. Everything is made up of smoke which is why everything smokes when it is burnt. The performer pulls a number of matches from the book and places them on the table. A match is lit and is used to light the whole matchbook on fire. The book is extinguished and is placed in a spectators hand. Another match is picked up and vanishes without any kind of funny moves. Then suddenly smoke starts to billow from the magicians mouth, so much smoke comes out that the magician starts to blow it at the matchbook in the spectators hand. The spectator then opens the book and finds the unburned match still attached to the inside. Everything can be examined before and after and the beauty is that there is no set up involved.

Dischover: At any time the magician causes a credit card to float without any setup or gimmicks whatsoever. Pure sleight of hand.

Addict: You slowly lift the cellophane up on your cigarette box and just as slowly push your cigarette through it all the way so that it comes out the other side. Then after you take a drag while it is still in the pull it out and mend the plastic until it is fully restored.

Whassup! An impromptu cap in bottle routine that requires about 5 minutes of practice and will leave the audience wondering..."What the @#*! just happened."

Stretch: This rubber band routine has a spectators ring jump from band to band. It causes bands to vanish and makes the ring vanish while still tied to the band. The ring then links and unlinks itself.

1st edition 2002; 17 pages
word count: 4840 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text