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Greed by Daniel Garcia

#2 in Paper & Paper Money bestsellers

"The most visual bill change I have ever seen!" - Bob Kohler

The original extremely visual bill change that causes a $1 bill to visibly change four times while just waving your hand in front of it! Imagine a $1 bill changing to a $5 bill...Then with a second wave it changes to a $10 bill... then to a $20 bill! A great effect already but... one final wave changes the $20 bill to a 50 cent piece!

Suitable for restaurant work and cabaret.

1st edition 2003; 10 pages.
word count: 2515 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Steven S
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 20 November, 2006

Excellant effect. Another masterpiece from Danny... Heres the effect. You show a $1 Front and back (really!). Then, you fold it in half. After a simple and quick wave of your hand, it changes to the $5 bill. Really, it is only a wave. Nothing more. Then, you fold the $5 in half. After another wave, it turns to a $10...seriously. Just snap your fingers, and then you have a $20. Then, after a little shake, you have a fully examinable 50 cent piece. Or, if you want to give it away, I sometimes use a quarter. And I always end with the perfect line... "DON'T GET GREEDY!".

This is an awesome effect...the only downfalls are it will cost you $7 to make the gimmick. But after that, it will last you for years. No lie. But get this, it is unbelievable. Seriously.

Reviewed by solrak29
★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 14 October, 2006

I purchased this downloadable version of GREED because I am impatient in waiting for the DVD, and the price is just right. The effect is powerfull, as Kosta Kimslat performed this on Virtual Magician show on the discover channel (thanks Dave, for pointing this out). To make, it is not hard, but you must take care and look at the pictures. The inherant cost of this can be replaced in performance and taking the other pieces to the bank.

This basic effect is self working but requires practice. Sleight of hand is required to begin and end clean. I would say you should be at the intermediate level and have some performance experience for this effect.

Reviewed by Keith Kegerreis
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 26 April, 2006

This trick is very visual. However, the setup and gimmick can be timely. And, if you dont do it right, could cost you a 20 dollar bill. Once you get it all set up, however, the moves are very simple and easy to perform. The end trick requires some sleight of hand but should get it down with a little practice. A good buy for a magician with some background in magic.