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Hummer's Odyssey

by Bob Farmer
#1 Cards author
#3 Magic & Conjuring author

(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Hummer's Odyssey by Bob Farmer

If you are interested in mentalism and/or impossible card locations and/or the Sunken Key, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you enjoy fooling other members of the conjuring demi-monde, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you know who Bob Hummer is, you will really enjoy this manuscript.

If you like tricks that involve the Seven Deadly Sins, astrological signs, lucky cards and H.P. Lovecraft, you will enjoy this manuscript.

It's twenty bucks, about what you'd pay for a Starbucks coffee on Rodeo Drive in L.A. Unlike the coffee, you won't need to talk to a sycophantic barista with a Chinese ideogram tattoo that he doesn't realize says, "There's a chicken in my pants."

Now includes Addendum #1, free for all prior purchasers. It features a dazzling mentalism routine with the I Ching, a Chinese Ouija Board and six divination coins.

  • Introduction
  • Any Card At Any Hummer
  • The Hummer Addition Principle
  • Lite-Ning Addition
  • Another Any Card At Any Hummer
  • An Oddity
  • Shigeo Futagawa Prediction
  • Stunumbers
  • E.S.P. Hummer
  • Hummer Sins And Virtues
  • Astrologic Hummer
  • Temptation
  • Hummer Addition Principle Conclusions
  • Hummer Subtraction Principle
  • Hummer's Poker Chip Mystery
  • Naming The Hummer Principles
  • Inspired By Hummer
  • Thank Yous


1st edition 2022, PDF 56 pages.
word count: 17247 which is equivalent to 68 standard pages of text

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