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No Jacket Required: The Tiepit
by Enrico Varella


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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No Jacket Required: The Tiepit by Enrico Varella

As seen on the Bob Fitch Topit Workshop DVDs (Bob Kohler Magic).

"I've always thought this was a great idea, and a much-needed addition to the whole jacket-bound Topit saga." - Lewis Jones, Author of Ahead of the Pack, Seventh Heaven and Encyclopaedia of Impromptu Card Forces

"It looks really good - Lots of very useful material. In many ways, you are selling it short by calling it the Tiepit book as it contains a wealth of information well beyond that particular idea. You may want to add a subtitle which lets the buyer know how much additional information is in the book." - Jay Scott Berry

Tiepit has been held 'underground' for many years. It was shared with a handful of magicians, and now released to the magical community for the first time! Prior to this, Tiepit was described briefly in Bob Fitch's Topit Workshop DVDs. In effect, it is a jacket-less solution to the topit. It can be simply set up within 30 seconds. Performers can execute topit techniques without a jacket.

The author has compiled an exhaustive history on the topit, trusting that authors and originators are fully credited and acknowledged. Enrico is grateful for the foreword written by both Bob Fitch and Lewis Jones, who have inspired him to expand on his original ideas, and write this ebook.

The contents in this ebook include:

  • Foreword by Bob Fitch
  • Foreword by Lewis Jones
  • Just Tossing Around
  • Introduction
  • History of the Topit
  • The Psychological Fear Factor of Using the Topit
  • What is the TIEPIT?
  • Overusing the TIEPIT
  • How to Construct a TIEPIT: Pendulum System & Recess
  • Exercises: Ready, Aim, Toss!
  • Covert TIEPIT Utilisations: Toss, Drop and Receive
  • Flashing, Giveaways or Tipping the Move
  • Half-Moves (Klause): Kudos to Klause
  • Sounds of Silence: Soundproofing the TIEPIT
  • Sweet Secrets: Tunnel of Love (Coin Funnel/Tunnels Applications)
  • TIEPIT Variations
  • TIEPIT 2: David Copperfield May Use This
  • Desperately Seeking TIEPIT: TIEPIT 3 on the Fly
  • Illusions
    • Basic Coin Vanish (Palm-Drop)
    • Basic Coin Vanish (Thumb Clip)
    • Basic Coin Vanish (Fingertip-Drop)
    • Basic Coin Vanish (Delayed Vanish)
    • Coin Slide and Drop (Bob Fitch)
    • Flicking (Lewis Jones)
    • Basic Ball Vanish
    • Billiard Ball & Silk Vanish
    • The Juggling Vanish
    • Torn and Restored Newspaper
    • EV Ditches
    • Put and Toss
    • 3 Fly Finale (TIEPIT solution)
    • Pop-Through Move (Paddle Vanish)
    • Complete Deck Vanish
    • Complete Deck Vanish
    • Impromptu Bill Switch (Billet Ditch)
    • Additional Applications
    • IDEAS by Bob Fitch
    • Egg Vanish With A Salt-Shaker
    • Coin Vanishes
  • Bonus Section: Belly Servante
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Acknowledgements
  • Credits
  • Testimonials

1st edition 2017, 66 pages.
word count: 20498 which is equivalent to 81 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Paul Lelekis
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 28 February, 2017

This extremely innovative idea by Enrico Varella is nothing short of genius! Now you can perform vanishes and ditches of an enormous number of props, gimmicks, coins, decks, paddles, bills, eggs, billets etc. - with NO JACKET! Many creative ideas and tricks are presented to bring the level of your magic up several notches! Thank you Enrico for finally releasing your "pet" utility item! This will be the wave of the NOT hesitate to get this!