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Nu-Way Jumbo Poker Deal
by Nick Trost

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Nu-Way Jumbo Poker Deal by Nick Trost

A poker deal that you can perform on stage, using jumbo cards. Perfect for even the largest of venues.

From the devious mind of Nick Trost comes this entertaining poker-themed presentation. After witnessing you performing it, your audiences will credit you with great skill, yet no difficult sleights are required. And, only in this edition, do you get added material from U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney to make the original routine even more entertaining.

This routine is perfect for trade shows, lodge meetings, business presentations, or as a way to bring one, two or up to ten spectators on stage for a team-building routine. In the latter case, the winning team can be given merchandise from your sponsor to make it even more fun.

From the introduction by T. A. Whitney:

Learn this effect and it will stand you in good stead throughout your performing career. You can use it during a lecture on how to spot card cheats or present it as something you recently witnessed on TV. Or, use it in a huckster act, where you are pitching a 'Lucky Coin' and whomever has the coin wins the hand. It can also be performed at the card table, with a normal-sized deck.

Use your own jumbo cards (or a normal deck for close-up demonstrations).

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