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by Cedric Taylor

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Omniscient by Cedric Taylor

[Note: This is part of the Fly On The Wall ebook.]

Omniscient is a mentalism theory created by "The Urban Entity", Cedric Taylor that works as a Q &A. It unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5,000
  • billet-less. (Billets are used only for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a "kisser's length" away from your spectator.
  • can be adapted and used for drawing duplications, predictions, direct mind reading, hellstromism reveals, warm and cold reading, automatic writing, palm readings, and even full on psychic shows. This effect can be a psychic's full show.
  • possesses a walk around and close up performance option.
  • virtually hands free as it allows you to not worry about the method. You can just work on your performance.

"The Effect: Performer has the ability to read the minds of anyone in the room, and reveal their thoughts; answer their questions that they merely thought of. Taught in an e-book download.

First, a confession: I do a little more magic than mentalism. Ok... a little more than a little more. And, what mentalism I do does not use much in the way of pre-show work, Q&A methods, etc. I am still venturing in. Most of my mentalism repertoire borders with magic. That said, this is the first Q&A book I've checked out, and I'm glad I did.

Why? Because, I want to read minds! Don't you?

Omniscient is dirt simple and super practical. It can be applied to any audience situation (stage, street, closeup, etc.), and, if you don't already own an impression pad or know how to make one, Cedric explains that in the book, as well, with clear instructions on easily making your own impression pad, costing you only a few dollars!

Having other artistic interests supplied and fully stocked, I had most of what was needed for a homemade Imp Device. After I put it together, I put the little devil to work at a small gathering. The crew didn't know what hit them!

Everything is very well detailed and there are performance tips and ideas that you can employ immediately.

The end result: you are able to walk into a room and tell any one or more individuals what they are thinking, with little more than the knowledge you gain from reading this book. No assistance during the show. Pre-show assistance is optional.

This is an excellent resource for mentalists of any skill level or proficiency (great jump-off point for beginner to intermediate), especially for the very generous, added super-value of the DIY Imp pad and a wealth of presentation ideas and pointers for various settings and venues!

This is not a one trick pony.... it's a championship stable!

Saddle up!" - Nick Young FCM (Full Circle Magic)

1st edition 2014, 9 pages.
word count: 2925 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text