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by Cedric Taylor

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Sovereign by Cedric Taylor

From the creator of Omniscient and Fly on the Wall, comes a system of presentations that will allow any performer to:

  • hypnotize your participants
  • read your participants minds
  • make your participant hallucinate and seemingly change their realities
  • show the audience one image and show the participant the same image and both the participant and the audience members see different things
  • show the audience a blank canvas and show the participant the same canvas and they swear they see many things. In fact, they are 100% correct when they admit what they see, as they DO NOT PLAY ALONG.
  • implant thoughts and predict outcomes
Guest contributor Robert Watkins stops by to share one of his awesome mentalism effects, "When the Sky was Opened".

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Sovereign. Some of the best parts to this system of presentations is the fact that little to no writing is done on the spectator's parts. Cedric has structured this routine to where you start clean and end clean. He has put together some very well known principles in mentalism and created a structure that would allow you to seem like a Svengali mind master. Once you learn the subtleties of this presentation you will be able to use your existing material and enhance what you already do.


Is this really hypnosis? No, this is not hypnosis. This is mentalism with a hypnotic presentation. Everything you do with hypnosis, you can do with this system and more, plus this system gives you ability to do mind reading without the spectator needing to write or say anything. It does leave the door open to more methods and presentations, as this is a flexible system.

Does this require pre-show work? No, not in the traditional sense, the pre-show work that is done (if you wish to call it such), is done literally in front of the audience and spectators, they see and hear everything, 100%.

Does this system require gimmicks? Yes, there is a gimmick but its something 95% of magicians have anyways. And I think 100% of serious performers have. These items are not something you will need to search far and wide for. They are something that are not typically gimmicks. Even in performance, they don't come across as gimmicks. To be fairly honest, its actually sleight of hand being used. Easier than a double lift. I AM NOT KIDDING. The sleight of hand used is easier than a double lift.

How will this system save pocket space? I had the same idea in mind when I first started working on this system. I wanted something that would allow me to carry other items. With Sovereign, you will be able to bring other materials with you as this system can fit into a jacket pocket or pants pocket and you will have room for more material. This system IS NOT a space eater. Its actually pocket space friendly.

Watkins performing "When the Sky was Opened":

1st edition 2016, 26 pages.
word count: 8104 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text

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