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Out Of Hand
by Kyle MacNeill


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Out Of Hand by Kyle MacNeill

Young inventor Kyle MacNeill brings you his latest ebook – seven hands off card tricks. All seven tricks are strong and streamlined, with most being completely hands off and others being predominantly hands free. I think that you will find all the ideas refreshing.

1. Spectator does the Sandwich (This first appeared in Inventions) - A 100% hands off effect whereby a card is picked by the spectator, and cut into the pack. He then suddenly finds the two red Kings face up with four face down cards in between. The spectator then picks one of these cards, and discovers that it is his card! The three other cards... are found to be the mates! A refreshing and innovative hands off sandwich effect.

2. Hands Hof! (This first appeared in Hands Hof!) – An almost completely (99%) hands off take on the Hofzinser Ace Problem. The only bit that isn’t hands off is when you display the King packet at the start. You then hand the packet and the rest of the deck to start the trick, and from then on its hands off. I am also including a new idea to make the display of the Kings more hands off!

3. Blank You Very Much! (This first appeared in Be) - This is not completely hands off by any means, but is very hands off for a thought of card revelation and transposition.

"It's rare that I add a new routine to my repertoire, but Kyle has an 'absolute belter' (Blank You Very Much) in BE (The Ebook where it is from) that went straight there. Enough said - I've already given too much information ..." - Peter Duffie

4. Godly Transposition (New) - Ok this might not be godly, but it is very neat. It is a hands off transposition effect where two cards transpose in two spectator's hands; face up.

5. A Thing for the Kings (New) – This 99% hands off effect involves the magician divining the spectator’s thought of card. The spectator then discovers the mates of his card.

6. Variations Variant Variation (New) – A hands off mix of Alex Elmsley's Point of Departure and is very similar (in effect, not method) to Roger Curzon's 'Variations Variation' from 'Spell – Bound magazine' which is written by Stephen Tucker. So clean and fries laymen.

7. Bi - Predicto (New) - This is very simple, but super - cool and completely hands off. A spectator creates a card in his head, which is then magically predicted by the box! He then finds his thought of card IN the box.

1st edition 2011; 20 pages.
word count: 4694 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text