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Far Sight
by Devin Knight


(1 review, 10 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Far Sight by Devin Knight
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One of Devin Knight's most guarded secrets from his professional act is now being made available.

A truly long distance, hands-off mental card effect that seems totally impossible. An effect that not only baffles lay people but many magicians as well.

Performer invites anyone to help. He says he will try to subliminally force that person to choose a certain card. Magician proceeds to deal 10 cards face up on a table. He points out that most of these cards could be psychological choices. For example, one card may be the only club on the table. Another card may be the only odd value, another may be the only red court card, etc. You tell your participant that you will try to make him take a certain card while you are 15 to 20 feet away, with your back turned.

You walk to the other side of the room or stage and turn your back to your participant. You instruct him to look over the cards and remove one. There is no funny counting, the cards are face up on the table and he just removes any one he likes. Your participant then covers the remaining cards so the cards cannot be seen. This is all done while your back is turned. Your participant then covers his FREELY chosen card with his hand concealing it from view.

While still across the room, you pick up a magic marker and write something on a piece of cardboard and set it aside. You then proceed to tell your participant what card you tried to influence him to take and WHY he decided on it. Only then does the spectator show the card he chose. It is the same one you wanted him to pick! Finally for a kicker finish, the cardboard is turned around and the card your participant person chose is written on it in large letters.


  • No Stooges
  • No Sleights
  • No Mirrors
  • No Duplicate Cards
  • No Electronics
  • No Secret Writing
  • No Fishing or questions of any kind
  • You never touch the cards (even secretly) after you deal them on the table.
The whole effect is done 15 or 20 feet away from the spectator. A true HANDS-OFF one man effect that requires no secret assistants.

Packs small but plays big on stage. Suitable for either close-up or stage.

"This is an incredibly strong presentation. The instructions are incredibly detailed and well-thought out. There's no question that this routine is an audience-pleasing fooler." - Jheff, Marketplace Of The Mind

"The secret is new to me and it's bold and diabolical. Devin Knight offers a well-developed routine and thorough explanations. I particularly like the psychological implications that Knight has built into the routine that creates a true build up. A consideration when performing for magicians, the routine's double-climax actually masks the secret and negates the usual suspect methods." - Wayne N. Kawamoto

1st edition 2012, 14 pages.
word count: 6642 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 01 March, 2017

Don't get me wrong. This is an ingenious method to suss out a card from 15 to 20 feet away. (Devin claims that his outer limit is 30 feet. Wow!) That's amazing. If you pay close attention to the working of the trick--and I'm not going to give you that and spoil it--you'll figure out how it's done. And for $5, this is a real corker of an effect. (You can go down the hall and predict what card the spectator has selected. Just awesome!) The downside is that you are going to have to spend some money to make this one work. If you don't have everything that you need lying around--and I didn't--be prepared to spend up to $40-$50. But once you've done that, you are set for life with this showstopper. Two other points aren't necessarily negatives, but you should be aware of them: (1) this really can be the only mentalism-with-cards routine in your show; and (2) you need some audience management--the spectator has to follow your directions exactly--because the cards cannot be inspected. If you are still interested, your fiver plus will be well spent. Recommended.