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by Kyle MacNeill

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Inventions by Kyle MacNeill

Kyle MacNeill’s 10th Ebook is Inventions, and it contains 7 tried and tested effects, a colour change created by Kyle MacNeill and Cameron Francis, and a troubleshooting method – a completely new take on the Impromptu Invisible deck plot.

"Kyle is on a roll. As reviewed above, Inventions contains seven well-constructed card effects. I also like his cartoons at the start!" - Peter Duffie

"Kyle's best ebook yet!" - Cameron Francis

"I would like to say that this is Kyle's best work so far. Keep it up young sir. You are a credit to magic". - John Carey

The contents:


1. Transmogrify V.2.0
A three-phase transposition effect, which is very simple and very effective. Completely impromptu and perfect for strolling.

2. Biddle Revisited!
The classic Biddle trick – on steroids. A Biddle trick where the cards in the spectator’s hands not only vanish, but change into the mates of the selection.

3. Spectator Does the Sandwich!
A completely hands-off sandwich effect, with a great kicker ending.

4. Lucky! V.2.0
A trick based around the theme of luck, that KILLS.

5. Cluster Kings
A super visual version of the KickBack Kings/ Royale with Cheese plot, that is impromptu and easy to do.

6. He’s Hof again!
A visual and simple take on the Hofzinser Ace problem plot, that is visual and elegant.

7. Neutrons
A miniature version of card–thru–window, using the cellophane! Uses the ‘VICTOR – Y change’!


1. The VICTOR – Y Change
A super visual card–in–cellophane change, created by Kyle MacNeill and Cameron Francis.


1. IID
A completely new idea for a kickass impromptu invisible deck.

The Ebook also contains several pages of in–depth crediting on the Hofzinser Aces plot for ‘He’s Hof Again’, cartoons to introduce the Ebook, an essay on creativity, and video demos for all the tricks and moves except for ‘Spectator does the Sandwich’.

1st edition 2011; 29 pages.
word count: 6213 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text