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Parlor Tricks with Cards
by Wiljalba Frikell

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Parlor Tricks with Cards by Wiljalba Frikell

The subtitle reads: Containing explanations of all the tricks and deceptions with playing cards. Tricks with cards performed by skillful manipulation and sleight of hand; by the aid of memory, mental calculation, and the peculiar arrangement of the cards; by the aid of confederacy and sheer audacity and tricks performed by the aid of ingenious apparatus and prepared cards. The whole illustrated, and made plain and easy.

The first section of this book is identical with the card section in The Secret Out.

    • General Rules for Amateurs
    • On the Origin of Cards
    • To Make the Pass with Both Hands
    • To make the Pass with one Hand
    • The False Double Shuffle, or Four Methods of shuffling Cards in such a manner as always to keep one certain Card at the Top or Bottom of the Pack.
    • To Exchange a Card
    • To Slip the Card
    • To Carry Off a Card
    • To Place a Card
    • How to Force a Card
    • The Long Card
    • The Surprise
    • The Revolution
    • The Nailed Card
    • The Amazement
    • To tell beforehand the Card which any one may choose
    • When a Card has been drawn at hazard, and mixed in with the others by one of the Spectators, to cause it to be found on the Top or in the Middle of the Pack, as may be desired by the Audience
    • To Have a Card Drawn at Hazard; and Having Divided the Pack into Four Parts, to Have it Discovered in that one which the Audience shall freely Elect
    • To foresee a Person’s thoughts; shown by putting into the Pack a Card chosen beforehand at hazard, in the place and at the number that one of the Company may desire a moment afterwards
    • To have a Card drawn, shuffle it with the others, and after having shown that it is neither at the Top nor the Bottom, make it remain alone in the left Hand, all the others being precipitated on the Table by a blow from the right Hand
    • To make the four Kings appear in the middle of the Pack, although they have been placed in different parts
    • To Prove the Imprudence of Playing at Triumph with Persons of Questionable Character
    • To Guess a Card Thought Of
    • The Shifting Card
    • To find, in a Pack put into the Pocket, several Cards which have been freely selected by the Audience
    • The Magical Slip
    • To Knock a Card through a Table
    • The Magic Slide, or to Make a Card Disappear in an Instant
    • The Card under a Handkerchief discovered by the Sense of Touch. Another Method
    • The Four Transformed Kings
    • The Erratic Card
    • The Four Confederate Cards
    • The Magical Trio
    • To Transform a Card which has been Seen into a Different One
    • Another Method to Name what Card a Person has Drawn from a Pack
    • To Find in the Pack, and through a Handkerchief, whatever Card a Person has Drawn
    • To Guess a Card thought of by Anyone, and to name its Position in the Pack, in Advance
    • To Guess the Spots on Cards at the Bottom of Three Packets, which have been made by the Drawer
    • To tell the Amount of the Numbers of any two Cards drawn from a common Pack
    • To tell the Amount of the Numbers of any Three Cards that a Person shall draw from the Pack
    • The Charmed Twelve
    • The Shuffled Seven
    • The Trick of Thirty-One
    • Like with Like, or How to Keep a Hotel
    • The Queens Digging for Diamonds
    • The Burglars
    • To Place Four Knaves Cards One upon Another, so that the Upper Half of Each Card only is Visible
    • To name the thirty-two Cards of the Pack as used in the game of Eucre
    • To Name all the Fifty-two Cards of the Pack
    • 1st. To make a Person believe you can Distinguish the Cards by their Smell
    • 2d. A Pack of Cards being Divided into two Parts; to Discover whether the Number in each be Odd or Even
    • 3rd. To tell the Number of Spots on Several Cards which any Person has Chosen
    • 4th. To Name the Card which Lies in Front of a Card just Drawn
    • The Best Card Trick Known. To Tell the Whole Pack of Cards with the Backs towards you; also to sort them, after being Cut any Number of times, in the mere act of Dealing them out in a Row
    • To Tell the Names of the Cards by the Weight
    • The Dishonest Servant
    • To Guess the Card Thought of
    • To tell the Card thought of in a Circle of Ten
    • To Guess which of Twenty-Four Cards have been Noted
    • Who has the best Husband?
    • The Card Told by the Opera-Glass
    • The Circle of Fourteen Cards
    • To Reveal a Person’s Thoughts: an excellent Card Trick
    • To guess the Cards which four Persons have fixed their Thoughts upon
    • To place twelve Cards in such a manner that you can count Four in every direction
    • How to Arrange the Twelve Picture Cards and the four Aces of a Pack in four Rows, so that there will be in Neither Row two Cards of the same Value nor two of the same Suit, whether counted Horizontally or Perpendicularly
    • The Ingenious Confederacy
    • The Mystic Courts of Zoroaster
    • The Chosen One of Forty-Eight Discovered
    • To Call for any Card in the Pack
    • To Make Another Person Draw the Cards you call for
    • To name the Cards of a Pack concealed under a Handkerchief
    • To Call the Cards out of the Pack
    • A New Method to Name all the Cards in Succession without Seeing them
    • To Discern One or More Drawn Cards
    • The Knaves and the Constable
    • To show a Card now on the Top, and now at the Bottom of the Pack
    • The same Trick in another Manner
    • The same Trick in a still more Surprising Manner
    • The Double Confederates
    • The Card in the Pocket-book
    • Of Twenty-five Cards laid in five rows upon a Table to Name the one Touched
    • To Conjure a certain Card into your Pocket
    • Of Two Rows of Cards to Tell the One which has been Touched
    • To Produce a Required Card from your Pocket
    • A New Method to tell a Card by its Weight
    • To Tell through a Wine Glass what Cards have been Turned
    • The Window Trick
    • The Card of one Color found in a Pack of the Other
    • To Name Several Cards which have been Drawn out of a Pack which has been Divided into Two Heaps
    • To find a Certain Card after it has been Shuffled in the Pack
    • On Entering a Room to Know of Three Cards, placed Side by Side, which have been Reversed, that is to say, turned upside down
    • The Four Kings
    • To make the King of Hearts change into an Ace of Clubs, and vice versa
    • The Changing Card
    • To make several People draw Cards which they will themselves replace in the Pack, and to find them again
    • To Separate the Red from the Black Cards of a Pack by a Single Draw
    • After having Divided a Pack into Three Parts to Find a Card which has been Drawn in any One of the Three you Choose
    • The Card Thought of with its Number in the Pack
    • The Card in a Ring
    • To make several Cards which have been drawn from a Pack reappear in a Spyglass or Telescope
    • To discover, at the Sword’s point, and with Eyes bandaged, a Card which has been Drawn from a Pack
    • The Vital Cards
    • Manner of Changing the Card in a Person’s Hand, while Recommending Him to Cover it Closely
    • Mode of Preparing Pitch-powder for the Foregoing Trick
    • The Card Changing in the Hands
    • To cause a Card which has been Burnt to appear in a Watch
    • The Fifteen Thousand Livres
    • Manner of Making a Card Pass from one Hand to Another
    • To Make a Mouse, or any similar Thing, come out of a Pack of Cards
    • The Torn Card Restored
    • The Burnt Card Restored
    • To Change five Kings into five Queens

1st edition 1863, 130 pages; PDF 106 pages.
word count: 48866 which is equivalent to 195 standard pages of text

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