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Oscar Weigle

Oscar Weigle

(5th December 1918 - )

Born in West New York, New Jersey. Learned in 1934 as member of International Society of Junior Magicians and visits to Holden's shop in New York city. Writer-editor. Amateur close-up magician plus some mental magic. Invented Color Changing Deck (by 1947 with Curry) and Color Scheme card effect (in 1948).

Coauthors: Robert Parrish, Paul Curry

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Oscar Weigle
Color Scheme by Oscar Weigle

A wonderful self-working version of "Out of this world" with several variations.

A spectator forms a pattern of face-up and face-down cards which unaccountably separates the colors. This happens despite the spectator shuffling the cards repeatedly. An astounding color-divination effect, done in the spectator's own hands with unprepared cards. Nothing extra required. Complete with "in depth" notes and several variations in effect and presentation by Weigle himself, Martin Gardner and Clayton Rawson.

  • Quick. A packet of about twenty cards is used.
  • The spectator can freely cut a bunch of...
★★★★★ $7
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Paul Curry & Oscar Weigle
Sealed Miracles No. 1 by Paul Curry & Oscar Weigle

Here's an expanded and updated edition of a Paul Curry manuscript that contains not one, but two powerful effects that will give you a reputation as an outstanding magician and psychic entertainer.

Probability Zero

A batch of business cards are numbered and mixed, with their number sides down. A truly sensational climax is reached when a spectator, although he selects the cards at random and doesn't know the numbers on the cards, succeeds in arranging them in numerical order. Is it just chance? Not likely - the odds are over 300,000 to 1 against it.

The Color-Changing Deck

A new...

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Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle
Do That Again! by Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle

Includes four sections, one on mental magic, card magic, silk magic and rope and lace magic respectively. All effects are easy to perform and do not require any exotic requisites.

    1. Wrong Number
    2. A Prediction to End Predictions
    3. The Payoff Prediction
    4. . . . Things to Come
    5. The "Direct" Divination
    6. The Phantom President
    7. Picture Projection
    8. Transposed Minds
    9. Comedy Color-Changing Slate
    10. Two Routines
    1. Thought on the Line
    2. "Picture This"
    3. Name Your Favorite
    4. Remote Re verso
    5. Synchronism
    6. Dual Impulsion
    7. Duo Prediction
    8. The Triple Enigma
    9. Nu-Locato
    10. Simplex...
★★★★★ $3.60
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)