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Sealed Miracles No. 1
by Paul Curry & Oscar Weigle

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Sealed Miracles No. 1 by Paul Curry & Oscar Weigle

Here's an expanded and updated edition of a Paul Curry manuscript that contains not one, but two powerful effects that will give you a reputation as an outstanding magician and psychic entertainer.

Probability Zero

A batch of business cards are numbered and mixed, with their number sides down. A truly sensational climax is reached when a spectator, although he selects the cards at random and doesn't know the numbers on the cards, succeeds in arranging them in numerical order. Is it just chance? Not likely - the odds are over 300,000 to 1 against it.

The Color-Changing Deck

A new version of the prettiest effect in card magic. A red deck is shown and a card is selected. First the joker turns blue, then all but the selected card changes color - and finally, so does the selected card. Even the most astute spectator will be bewildered by the impressive triple climax, and amazed when you hand the cards for examination.

"Try PROBABILITY ZERO on magicians and watch the reaction. Then try THE COLOR-CHANGING DECK that Paul and Oscar Weigle cooked up on your lay friends and you'll find that the effect is as stunning as you could possibly ask for." - Bruce Elliott

"The routine [for THE COLOR-CHANGING DECK] is excellent. There's a reason for every move and everything is so nice and clean at the finish. Well worth the price." - Sid Lorraine

"[Sealed Miracles No. 1] has two tricks to beguile. One is PROBABILITY ZERO, in which a miracle is accomplished when the spectator finds he has marked one side of nine business cards with the same numbers the magician has. THE COLOR-CHANGING DECK is a fine routine for a pretty trick." - Lloyd E. Jones

1st edition 1944, PDF 16 pages.
word count: 3814 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text