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Phoenix Peek
by Scott Xavier

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Phoenix Peek by Scott Xavier

Arising from the ashes of many countless peeks and tears is the astonishing billet peek known as the "Phoenix". This peek was too large for just a DVD or a casual manuscript, so instead "Phoenix" has grown into this complete course on peeking, methodology, justifications, ethics, etc…

The "ash" that the "Phoenix" has risen from has got to be Scott's quest for a perfect billet peek that would replace the "classic" center tear. There have been a few peeks that have come before. But each peek has its strong and weak points. Perhaps you like this one best.

The Obsidian Oblique peek is the closest of the peeks to come close in style to the "Phoenix", and is actually one of the peeks that inspired the creation of "Phoenix".

1st edition 2006; 35 pages.
word count: 6176 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text