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365 by Scott Xavier

What do you do when asked to perform something new and amazing?

Do you have enough mentalism on hand to pack small and still have a 45 minute show? The latest book by Dr. Zodiac entitled 365, will train you to be ready for a full show anywhere and at anytime.

Effects taught:

Spin and cause to fall just about any pen. Similar to the PK Pen but a revolutionary new concept.

PK Taste X-Periment. Cause the thought of candy flavor to transfer from one persons mind into another's.

888-BER-GLAS. Still another take on the Dr. Zodiac any card at any number effect. Ideal for stand up or stage shows.

Cause a metal fork to spin and fall. No strings or threads!

Pyro Kinesis. Submerge your hand into a flame and don't get hurt. Then cause your hand to burst into flames then cause the flame to die down and disappear!

PK TIME with cell phones. Turn off cellular phones with a thought.

Candy Bar Bank Knight. Four candy bars are used. One has a hundred dollar bill inside, will the audience guess it?

Curses. A new take on an old theme. No matter how hard a volunteer tries, she can't escape her fate.

Long Distance Opener. A deck of cards is freely shuffled by the audience. From the same deck several cards are removed. The mentalist asks the volunteer to think of any one card. He then names that card and then identifies the other cards next to it.

1st edition 2007; 29 pages.
word count: 4569 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 10 June, 2016

There's an old adage that if you buy a book of effects, and you find one useable one, you've gotten your money's worth. 365 by Scott Xavier clears that low bar because I really liked his PK effect using Laffy Taffy. I will incorporate it into a stage act one day. As for the rest, there are some ho-hum card things, a trick that is outdated because cellphones are not manufactured the same as when the book was written, instructions for using a PK ring (how original), and information on how to accomplish the carny thing of holding fire on the palm of your hand. (Go ahead, work on that if you are brave. You will burn the hell out of yourself at least once. I know that I did.) In other words, this ebook was disappointing, though at $22, it was cheaper than the now almost de rigeur price of $30 for a small book of mentalism effects. But hey, your mileage may vary. You might like some of these things more than I did. One more note: While I give Scott a thumbs up for trying something different, the writing style was really off putting to me. He wrote up each effect from the spectator's perspective, for example, "Scott asked a spectator to select a card..." and "After using his mystical powers, Scott recants a mystical phrase..." Oh brother. A whole book where he is referred to in the third-person makes him sound weird, just like former Vice President Bob Dole, who also spoke about himself in the third-person.

Chris Fisanick says, "Meh to 365."