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Pickpocket Stunts by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The Master himself U.F. Grant teach us new, unusual and highly effective methods of performing apparent pickpocket stunts. Startling effects requiring no skill. In this manuscript you will find a number of excellent suggestions for pickpocket stunts. No great pickpocket skill is required to execute them, rather, they are of the stunt type. They will convince the watching spectator that you are an accomplished pickpocket.


  1. Wallet Steal
  2. Wrist Watch Steal
  3. Stealing Suspenders
  4. Pen/Pencil Steal
  5. Stealing Misc. Objects
  6. Stealing Pen, Pencils, Cigars, etc.
  7. Stealing Bills
  8. Stealing Coins
  9. Big Bill Steal
  10. Sucker Bit
  11. Coin Steal
  12. Stealing Socks
  13. Borrowed Pen in Spectator's Pocket
  14. Your Hotel Key in Woman's Purse
  15. Misc. Steal

1st digital edition 2015, 5 pages.
word count: 1134 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Troy Murphie
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 01 July, 2016

Save you dough. Terrible would be a subtle review.