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Platimagics II
by Marcos Platiquini

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Platimagics II by Marcos Platiquini

[Note that this is a translation from Spanish which is not in perfect English. But this should not inhibit your comprehension. There are many photos which support the explanations.]

COLOR CHANGING DECK: Magician lets a card be chosen from a blue back deck, rubs his back against a red box and the card changes its back colour from blue to red. Then he does a demonstration of how he changes the colour of the backs of the cards, in slow motion. He slides his fingers over the back of another card and it changes its colour little by little until the back remains completely red. Not satisfied with that, he gives a magic touch with the red box on the deck and it changes the back colour of all the cards from blue to red. The deck can be examined at the end of the routine. You remain totally clean and can continue doing tricks with it or even giving it as a gift.

AMBITIOUS CARD ROUTINE: One card is freely chosen, signed and clearly lost in the centre of the deck, showing that neither the first nor the second card is the chosen card. A magic touch over the deck and the chosen and signed card is now the first. The card is lost another time in the centre and it jumps again to the top. The card is lost another time in the centre, but this time the card goes down to the bottom. As a big finish, the card is inserted face upward between the back up deck. A little magic touch with the box will be sufficient for the appearance of the face up card on the deck.

COLOUR CHANGING KNIVES: The magician shows a white pocket knife, does a magic move and turns it into a red one. Another magic move and it turns white. Another magic move and it turns red again. Then he says that he will explain how it's done: actually he has hidden other white knife in the left hand and does the change with a lot of skill, which he demonstrates two times, though it's impossible to see how he realizes the change. Then he puts the red one in the left hand and the white one in the right hand and with a subtle movement, the knives are magically transposed, with the white one to the left hand and the red one in the right hand. Finally, the red one is kept in the pocket and does a magic move with the white one, but this one strangely remains half red and half white. To repair the problem the magician slide his thumb over it and this one remains totally white. Finally, he gives the white and red pocket knives for examination.

1st edition 2011; 52 pages; photo illustrated
word count: 9212 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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