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Poker Nightmare
by Devin Knight


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Poker Nightmare by Devin Knight

A winning poker hand turns blank on both sides.

Two tricks in one. These are two of the most visual and eye-appealing tricks you can do. Looks like trick photography and takes around 30 seconds to perform. They are almost self-working and require no sleights. You can learn to do these effects in about five minutes. They are that easy to do. Resets in 3 seconds. This is perfect for strolling gigs because of the instant reset.

EFFECT 1: Magician says he would like to share a dream he had. He cleanly shows five playing cards back and front. It is a winning poker hand and the stakes are high. Suddenly, the back of the cards go blank, in an effortless manner, five backs are seen and suddenly they turn into blank cards with no rotating the cards 180 degrees. The performer shows the faces while the cards are still fanned. The faces are now blank too. Now for the killer bit, the performer deals the five cards on the table turning each card over, showing only five blank cards, blank on both sides!

The performer's winning poker hand has gone to the worst poker hand. Nothing! This effect will cause your spectators to react and scream when they see the visual and magical change of playing cards freely shown on both sides, instantly changing to blank cards shown on both sides. This is one of those effects that will have people saying, "What the f#@$."

EFFECT 2: Magician cleanly shows five cards to be blank on both sides. He can deal them on the table flipping them over so it is obvious there are only five blank cards. He says he can create a winning poker hand by using his imagination. He concentrates and a back appears on one card, then suddenly backs appear on all the cards. One moment they are blank, the next moment five Bicycle backs are seen. He then concentrates on faces and turn the packet over in his hand showing that all five cards are now a winning poker hand. Performer can then slowly deal the cards on the table showing them to be nothing but five regular cards front and back. Regarded by many to be the perfect printing effect. Clean, direct and to the point. A real killer effect.

To make this up, you will need a deck of blank back cards and a deck of blank face faces. You will also need to purchase one of the Harry Robinson's Roughing Sticks sold by most magic dealers.

1st edition 2018, 4 pages.
word count: 1783 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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