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Marble Sight by Devin Knight

This is #13 in the Psychic Sight series. You get three super-strong effects with unprepared glass marbles that demonstrate both remote viewing and second-sight.

"A wonderful update and twist on a forgotten miracle." - Marc Salem

"I can't thank Devin enough for Marble Sight. He has taken an old principle, dressed it with an up to date presentation, and made it magical. This is so easy that you can work on your own presentation. I can't wait to send away online for the marbles. This is definitely going into my show." - Tom Craven

REMOTE VIEWING: The audience is told that on a table in the next room is a drawstring pouch full of glass marbles, both blue and white plus three small bowls on the table. A person is chosen from the audience (no stooge) to go into the next room and reach into the pouch and blindly remove two marbles. If both marbles are blue in color, he is to put them into the blue bowl. If both marbles are white, then he places both of them in the white bowl. If the two marbles are both blue and white, then they go into the clear bowl. This is repeated until all the marbles have been transferred into each of the three bowls. Your spectator is cautioned to pick the marbles at random and not choose which ones to pick, but to ensure the marbles are removed at random.

In the meantime, the mentalist is sitting in an apparent trance as he remote views what is happening in the other room; he writes a prediction on a slip of paper and leaves it in full view. When the spectator is done, he is to bring the three bowls back into the main room. You may have the three bowls and the drawstring bag on a tray for ease in doing this. Once the spectator is back in the room, the performer reads his prediction: You will have two more blue marbles in the blue bowl, than the white marbles in the white bowl.

The spectator counts the marbles in both bowls and it is seen that the mentalist is 100% correct. The performer doesn’t touch the bowls or marbles before the spectator counts them. This eliminates the possibility of the mentalist using sleight of hand. The marbles are placed back into the pouch and the effect may be immediately repeated with different results with a second spectator. Positively no skill or false counting, the spectator does everything in a fair manner. This looks like real remote viewing.

SECOND-SIGHT COLORS: This is a very baffling effect that will fool most magicians. A spectator is given a pouch of 36 glass marbles, containing a mixture of both blue and white marbles. He is also given a paper bag and told to go into another room. He is told to reach into the marble pouch as many times as he wishes and blindly remove two marbles and drop them into the paper bag. Once he finishes, he returns to the room and tells the audience what he did. The mentalist asks if the spectator knows how many white marbles are left in the marble pouch. Of course, the answer is no. Without touching either bag, the mentalist correctly tells the spectator how many white marbles are left in the marble pouch. The spectator counts the remaining white marbles in the pouch and the mentalist is seen to be 100% correct. Done completely hands-off! May be instantly repeated with different results using another spectator.

TWO PERSON DIVINATIONS: This effect is strong enough to close a mentalism show with and seems completely impossible. The audience will go home wondering how such a thing is possible, unless the performer has real psychic power.

The performer invites two spectators to come forth and gives each a paper bag. Next the performer introduces either a cloth or paper bag that he says contains 36 glass marbles. There is an equal mixture of blue and white marbles. The first spectator is told to reach into the bag and remove three handfuls of marbles (while the performer looks away) and drop them into his paper bag. The performer says to ensure the remaining marbles in the bag are a random number that nobody could know; he will remove a handful and drop them into a glass bowl. Finally, the remaining marbles are poured into the second spectator’s paper bag, sight unseen. At no time has the performer looked inside his paper bag, so it is obvious he cannot know the contents of the spectator’s bags.

Now hear this. Immediately, the performer tells each spectator the exact number of marbles in their bags. He even goes so far as to tell each spectator the ratio of colors in their bag. For example, he may tell one spectator that he has 12 marbles in his bag and 7 are blue and 5 are white. The spectators both count their marbles and the performer is correct! Remember, this is done without the performer touching the spectator’s bags after marbles are placed inside. Extremely baffling.

All these effects use regular unprepared glass marbles that are available in craft stores, or online from various retailers. No magnets, no electronics, no secret writing or gimmicked marbles. These secrets can be learned in a few minutes. Suitable for platform, close-up or in home parties.

1st edition 2018, 9 pages.
word count: 2122 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text