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Previous Convictions
by Peter Duffie


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Previous Convictions by Peter Duffie

This is a follow-up to Obscurities & other Hidden Mysteries, which was a collection of tricks that Peter had published in various magazines and in books published by others over the years.

Peter was unsure how a book of previously published material would be received, despite the fact that most, if not all of the material is hard to come by. The reception to Obscurities both surprised and delighted him, and has encouraged him to release this - a second book of obscure & hidden mysteries.

Here is a brief reference guide to where the effects in this ebook first appeared:

Attractive, Hot Thoughts, Bullet Proof, Medium Tedium and By Royal Command (Abrabadabra). Fastest Sandwich, Twenty One & The Circle (Griffin). Cannibal Land, The Go-Between, Trans-Collection & Collector’s Seminar (Pabular). Quick Bite, Slick Nick Trick & Recount Down (Mercian Chronicles).

1st edition 2008, 37 pages.

  1. The Go-Between
  2. Trans-Collection
  3. Attractive
  4. Hot Thoughts
  5. Bullet Proof
  6. Fastest Sandwich
  7. The Circle
  8. By Royal Command
  9. Quick Bite
  10. Recount Down
  11. Cannibal Land
  12. Slick Nick Trick
  13. Collector’s Seminar
  14. Twenty One
  15. Medium Tedium

word count: 9979 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Andrew Loh
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 28 September, 2008

Hi folks,

Alright guys... I just spent my last night to go through the materials in this ebook. I would like to say the materials are quite excellent. I personally will use 7 effects in my repertoire. The materials contain within the ebook are some impromptu, others need some preparation to setup or gimmick to make the effect possible.

All in all, I really like the materials in this very ebook and most of them are not difficult to do. Some of them immediately added in my repertoire.

Allow me provide you the breakdown or list of effects that really interest me:

- The Go-Between - I really like the nature of this effect as I find it's quick and quite entertaining. While I was reading this effect, this effect reminds me of David Solomon's Kissing Cousin. - What I am trying to say I really love the mates miraculously vanish and sandwich the selection in the centre of the deck.

- Trans-Collection - I would say this effect is excellent and I really love this. I am not going to elaborate on this effect further but what I can say it's excellent. For those of you who loves the selections vanish kind of routine and ends with the collectors-genre, you will love this one. I first time read this effect in Duffie's Card Compulsions.

- Bullet Proof - I find that this effect is very entertaining especially to laymen. I did perform this effect to my girlfriend, and she was shocked in amazement.

There you are, the above effects which I stated I find that there are interesting to perform and worth of your investment. There are other effects which I haven't stated above doesn't mean that there are not my favourites. - I will post my further thoughts if I find there are other effects which worth mentioning when I try out the effects to my peers.

Best Wishes Andrew Loh