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A.C.E. Anytime Card Extraction

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Andrew Loh
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 27 January, 2011)

A.C.E. Anytime Card ExtractionThis is an awesome piece of card magic! I really like the overall idea and its construction which is beautifully thought out! This is immediately added into my current working repertoire. Highly recommended!

Previous Convictions

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Andrew Loh
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Sunday 28 September, 2008)

Previous ConvictionsHi folks,

Alright guys... I just spent my last night to go through the materials in this ebook. I would like to say the materials are quite excellent. I personally will use 7 effects in my repertoire. The materials contain within the ebook are some impromptu, others need some preparation to setup or gimmick to make the effect possible.

All in all, I really like the materials in this very ebook and most of them are not difficult to do. Some of them immediately added in my repertoire.

Allow me provide you the breakdown or list of effects that really interest me:

- The Go-Between - I really like the nature of this effect as I find it's quick and quite entertaining. While I was reading this effect, this effect reminds me of David Solomon's Kissing Cousin. - What I am trying to say I really love the mates miraculously vanish and sandwich the selection in the centre of the deck.

- Trans-Collection - I would say this effect is excellent and I really love this. I am not going to elaborate on this effect further but what I can say it's excellent. For those of you who loves the selections vanish kind of routine and ends with the collectors-genre, you will love this one. I first time read this effect in Duffie's Card Compulsions.

- Bullet Proof - I find that this effect is very entertaining especially to laymen. I did perform this effect to my girlfriend, and she was shocked in amazement.

There you are, the above effects which I stated I find that there are interesting to perform and worth of your investment. There are other effects which I haven't stated above doesn't mean that there are not my favourites. - I will post my further thoughts if I find there are other effects which worth mentioning when I try out the effects to my peers.

Best Wishes Andrew Loh

Kolor Killer

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Andrew Loh
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 26 January, 2008)

Kolor KillerI went through Peter's "Kolor Killers" and tried out the routine. I would like to say that this is an excellent routine and another excellent approach to Roy Walton's Oil and Queens plot. I really love the ending climax and each of the phases. The reason is because the nature of this routine itself I can see will fry the spectators many times in the process with the great impact. A well-constructed routine.

To be honest, the first time I watched Peter's performance at his site, firstly I thought and I told myself "I think Peter is going to separate the colors of the cards and I am sure at the end, he will produce the Queens." - But I am wrong, he produced the Kings, Queens and the big excitement for me is, the Queens have the cross at the back of the cards! And another bonus is that, the "cross" patter fits in nicely with the climax. I think this routine is flexible too, you can change your patter to suit your preference.

Perhaps instead you use red-backed cards, you may use blue backed as a substitution and at the end, perhaps you change your patter to the "Queens turn angry" and at the end, you produce the red-backed Queens. Anything is possible.

Another question I asked myself "Hey, so, what happened to those spot cards then?" This is where my curiosity comes in, and I am surprised that the method is simple.

Perhaps you would like to check out Peter's "Laughing Queens" in his 7 ebook, another great version too.

Perhaps I am a little biased as I favor Walton's Oil and Queens plot. As you can see, when I watch a magic show or clip, I always put my position as a layman perspective and based on my thoughts, I am sure this routine would play very well to laymen.

Highly recommended!


Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Andrew Loh
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 04 December, 2006)

7Title: 7 Author: Peter Duffie Category: Cards and mentalism Pages: 48 Price: $15 ------------------------------------------

Here's my honest review of Peter Duffie's new ebook - 7. It's a collection of 7 effects plus a bonus effect which I believe one of the best or favourite in this ebook. This ebook covers both card magic, diary tricks, predictions, etc. Most of the materials are usable.

Without wasting time, I will take some time to break down and review each of the effects as following:

Automatic Gambler ----------------------

This is a very nice routine. I am not a big fan of gambling tricks, but after reading Peter's version, I think I will certainly give it a try. I really like the idea where the Aces vanish visually and spectator deal themselves with the four Aces in their hand which I thought very strong. I like it!

Satanic Writes --------------

Another excellent diary routine from Peter, I should say really amazing or really freak people out! I enjoyed Peter's previous diary tricks such as "Mind Master", "Devious Dates", etc and this one is really something different and it's a very strong routine.

Klektors ---------

This effect is one of the best, very direct and I am a big fan of Walton's The Collectors plot. I have read numerous Peter's version in many sources in his ebooks such as "With cards", "Card School", "Covert Concepts", Jason Alford's "Cyber Sessions", and etc, and I like this version a lot. This version is very direct and definitely will add this routine in my repertoire.

Jack of All Trade-offs ------------------------

A nice routine, it's a prediction effect that based on Dave Campbell's FRED trick. Very easy to do and it's a small packet trick.

Off-Centre Point -------------------

This is something very unique and interesting. In appearance, it seems you share the secret knowledge of locating spectator's selection at its location. At the end, somehow their selection amazingly rises to the of the deck.

Laughing Queens -------------------

When comes to anything related about Oil and Queens by Roy Walton, I will certainly will have the interest of the routine. I watched Peter's Laughing Queens clip quite some few years ago and I liked it. This version eliminates the Hamman Count and it's more streamline. This effect immediately added in my repertoire. I really like it.

Paradise Found -----------------

This routine is very entertaining and combined with the interesting patter. I really like the ending part which I thought it has a surprise climax and it's nice finished for the routine. It's a kind of routine that very enjoyable to perform.

Snap Happy (Bonus Effect) -------------------------------

I think this effect alone worth the price of this ebook and Peter was very kind to offer this as a bonus. I really like this a lot, I have performed this many times with my friends today and the reaction was so overwhelming. This effect is very visual transposition in apperance and best of all, in this effect, it can be done no special setup and as an impromptu nature. Just four cards and you would be able to astonish people with this small packet trick.

There you go and thanks for reading.

In closing, I would like to say one thing, just purchase this ebook and you will not be disappointed. I have added a lot of effects into my repertoire. I believe the materials in this ebook are something for everyone and I am sure there are 4 or 5 effects that you will actually use.

High Recommended!

Ratings: 9/10

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)